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PPS & Sub-paralytic Polio

The diagnosis of PPS in people who survived "paralytic" polio has received general acceptance with many doctors now. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those who are recorded as having polio of sub-paralytic classification!

It is essential that the medical community recognise that PPS can and DOES affect ALL categories of polio survivors. The original infection caused damage, whether it was recorded or not, whether it was visible or not!

New research and surveys are beginning to to identify this aspect of PPS but doctors need to be alerted to this information as quickly as possible. Thousands of people are suffering needlessly because of the erroneous interpretation of early research papers. Will simply publishing NEW papers really change thinking fast enough? As sufferers, we need to publicise the fact that sub-paralytic polio will engender PPS in MANY people, that we need to receive APPROPRIATE help and not the damaging treatment we have so often been subjected to, and we MUST keep our own doctors fully informed of the LATEST research.

This page is dedicated to all who cannot "prove" an history of paralytic polio or suffered sub-paralytic polio! I welcome links to evidence on the Web and submissions for inclusion on, or attaachment to, this page. Please e-mail me!

A discussion forum exists for sub-paralytic polio PPSers to exchange information on our situation and to plan ways to persuade the medical community to accept that we CAN and DO have PPS. You are most welcome to join (remember that the discussion is limited to this subject - it is NOT a replacement for general PPS support/discussion/friendship lists).

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