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Item KT15 Waterless Cookware System by Chef's Secret Waterless Cookware
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Below is just a small sampling of testimonials we've received over the pat 13 years of being an online cookware store. Some of the testimonials are actual reviews of the cookware, others are a testimonial to our five-star customer service here at RealCook.


Sept. 24, 2009
The following email was sent to us by a nice lady who had purchased one of our cookware sets as well as the KTGRID2 stove-top griddle. She waited until after she had used the cookware before writing to us.
Her name is being withheld for privacy.

Mrs. E's email:

I want to thank you so much for my Waterless Cookware, I love it and I will enjoy it for many years to come. I will be showing them off and I will let people know where I got them and give them your business info.
I have never cooked with pots that didn't have Teflon in it, I always thought that the food would stick and that I would be frustrated because of the fear of my food burning without the Teflon.
LET ME BE THE FIRST TO SAY!! The food DOES NOT burn, the food cooks EVEN all the way around and the food even taste better.
I'm so happy that I made the decision to finally spend a little more on something that I know is going to last not only my lifetime, but my children's life time as well.
I already told a friend about them and she said that she will order them, so I hope that she will be true to her words. I know that she will not regret it.

Thank you again and God bless you.


The emails below were received here at RealCook after a customer purchased the KT142 waterless cookware set. Both emails are used with the permission of the sender.
Email received in May, 2009
Email Subject: Waterless Cookware

Dear RealCook Team,
I have received my waterless cookware today and am delighted with it. I look forward to trying it out at lunchtime.
Thank you!
(TC - The UK)

(The email below was sent the following day by the same customer)

Dear RealCook Team,
My son and I have just had beetroot, celeriac and sweet potato in one pan and tofu and leek in another and red rice in a third. We are bowled over by how delicious the vegetables taste and have really enjoyed our first meal.
Do you have any distributors in Europe and UK? Because I am going to recommend this cookware to all my friends!
Warm regards, (TC)


The following email was received from a customer who also purchased the KT142 waterless set.
The email is used with the permission of the sender.
Email received on April 8, 2009
Email Subject; Thank you

"I just wanted to email you to say thank you. I ordered a set of cookware for my wife from you and just received it yesterday.
I spoke with (agent's name) when I ordered it and she was very pleasant. She was courteous and respectful and she did not try to sell me a bunch of extra items that I did not want. We received the order a day earlier than what was projected.
My wife was overjoyed when she received her cookware last night. She cannot wait to use it.
Thank you for the good service and quality cookware."
(Name withheld for privacy purposes)


The email below is from a customer in response to an email we sent containing answers to a few questions he had asked after receiving the cookware set and cutlery which he had ordered. It is being used with the permission of the sender.
Email received on May 9, 2009

"Thank you. Feel free to use me as a reference for future customers. I'm very satisfied with the cookware and knives, and of course your customer service/quick response."
(Name withheld for privacy purposes)


The email below was received from a customer in the United Kingdom concerning both our cookware and our customer service. It is being used with the permission of the sender.
Email received on February 3, 2008

Dear RealCook:
I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the cookware which I ordered and received from you about a week ago. I have now used the cookware set several times over, and I cannot say how pleased I am with the performance of this set. The set performs exactly as I had hoped, and cleans up even better than I had expected.
A quick note also concerning the excellent customer service I have received over the past few weeks. Before I had even decided to place my order with your company, I was satisfied with the explanation I received from one of your agents in response to my questions concerning both the cookware and the process of shipping my order. The approximate date that I was given for delivery of my order was precisely on target, which frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by.

Thank you so much, indeed.
(name withheld for privacy purposes)


The following email was sent by a customer about our KT915 Chef's Secret cookware set and our customer service department. It is being used with the permission of the sender.
Email received on August 13, 2008

To whom it may concern:
I have now used my KT915 waterless cooking set which I received from you for about six months.
Yesterday, after all this time, I had a question concerning a very burned pot, which was all my fault since I had left food cooking in the pot while I answered my telephone. The call was longer than I had expected, and I forgot about the pot. The person in your customer service that I spoke to was so nice and didn't even laugh at me! LOL, I laughed at myself enough I guess. Anyway this person told me exactly what to do about the burned on food, and her instructions worked very well, I was able to completely remove the burned on food without nearly as much work as I had feared. The agent promised me that this company will be available for any problems I may have for years to come. So I am happy to know that there is always someone on the other end of my telephone to help me with any questions I may have about the cookware in the future.
Thank you also for this great set of cookware. I still can't believe what I paid for it, especially after going to the cookware show and seeing what they were charging.
Thank you again,
(name withheld for privacy purposes)


The following comment was placed on our order form by a customer while he was placing his order.
Order received on August 19, 2009

"Thank you for your help. Your customer service is amazing! I cannot wait to use your cookware!"

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