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Company Information for The P.B. Helms Company
Waterless Cookware Set by Chef's Secret

The P. B. Helms Company
AF Waterless Cookware

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Waterless Cookware
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AF Waterless Cookware

An arial view of the beautiful Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina - - - - - Breathtaking view of the Mountain Scenery in Western North Carolina

The home office of The P.B. Helms Company is located in beautiful North Carolina, just northwest of the Queen City, Charlotte and south of the scenic Appalachian Mountains.

The P.B. Helms Company owns and operates AF Waterless Cookware also known as Angelfire Cookware.
Our company began as most small businesses do, somewhat slowly, but since we had decided to specialize in only the highest quality consumer products at an affordable price, we had faith that our small business would be one of the few that would eventually make it.
At that time our goal was to provide high quality home products for our customers at a price that the average consumer could afford. This is still our main goal today.

The P.B. Helms Company markets its products solely over the Internet. This is the predominant reason that we are able to keep our cost to our customers at the lowest possible price.
We are excited about our prospects for the future and are continually looking for ways to improve our service to our valued customers.

Our Commitment
Every product sold by The P.B. Helms Company must first meet our guidelines for excellence in both quality and performance. Each product is backed by our service creed, which is an unconditional commitment to provide the best service possible to you, our customer. We have established specifications and standards in customer service that are precisely followed.

Our Privacy and Security Policy:
This company does not, nor has it ever, given away or sold customer information, including email addresses, telephone numbers, and home addresses. Our company does not store private customer data on the website.

Our location:
The P.B. Helms Co.
Maiden, NC 28650

Telephone: (828) 466-7422

You can contact our Customer Service with your questions and comments by email. Please trust that all inquiries are answered ASAP.
We also provide live, respectful and courteous personal service over your telephone.
Customer Service

304 Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware
All of our waterless cookware sets are constructed of 304 Surgical Stainless Steel. Sold here at wholesale prices.
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Purchase any Waterless Cookware Set and you can also receive an extra discount on many of our individual cooking products.


Click for Enlarged Picture with 
Details of this stainless steel electric skillet
Our Precise Heat 3.5 quart Surgical Stainless Steel Oil Core Skillet features a low dome cover with stay-cool handles and knobs. The surgical stainless steel has been given a beautiful mirror finish as well as for beauty and durability. The measurements are 12 1/4 inches outside and a diameter of 11 inches on the inside of the skillet. The inside depth of this skillet is 3 inches. Shipping weight is 14 lbs. UL approved.

We have both "Oil-Core" and "Regular" Waterless Stainless Steel Electric Skillets

Waterless Cooking Electric Skillets

Chef's Secret by Maxam
304 Surgical Stainless Steel
Round Griddle with See-Thru Lid

Surgical stainless Steel Stove-top Griddle
The construction of this stove-top griddle allows you to grill all of your foods evenly and quickly. It has two stainless steel 'helper' handles and a see-thru glass lid. This griddle makes cooking several hamburgers, pancakes, chicken pieces, sausage, eggs or bacon easy and convenient. Suitable for electric, gas, or ceramic stove-tops. Measures 13 1/2 inches in diameter. Lifetime Warranty.

Item No. KTGRID2
Click for the KTGRID2 Stove-top Griddle

By Steam Control 9-Layer
304 Surgical Stainless Steel
8-Quart Multi-ply Cooker

Click to Enlarge - Surgical Stainless Steel Pasta, Rice, Gumbo, Seafood Cooker
This 304 surgical stainless steel stockpot-cooker is an excellent utensil for pasta, seafood, soups, stews and rice. The 9-layer, 8-quart multi-cooker boils, steams, and blanches. Simply lift out the deep pasta insert after the pasta has cooked. There's no need to pour hot water into a separate colander. This way is much easier and less messy, not to mention so much safer. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Item No. KT82
Discount Price if ordered with cookware set $89.99
Click for the KT82 Pasta/Rice Cooker

Chef Secret Tea Kettle
Stainless Steel
2.4 Quart Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle
No, it isn't a waterless utensil, however, this Chef Secret® Stainless Steel Tea Kettle features a beautiful stainless steel mirror finish and perfectly molded stay-cool handle. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty


Details for Stainless Tea Kettle

304 Surgical Stainless Steel
9-Layer Omelet Pan 8" Diameter

Click for details - Stainless Steel Omelet Pan
This 9-ply, 304 surgical stainless steel skillet has a heavy duty, phenolic handle and fits in perfectly with any of our waterless cookware sets. Measures 8 inches in diameter. Refrigeration and Dishwasher safe. Comes with Lifetime Warranty

Item No. KTOP5

Click for Details on this Omelet Pan

Huge Waterless Stainless Vegetable Steamer

Click for Enlarged Picture & Detailed Description
This giant-sized skillet measures 14-inches in diameter and 4 3/8 inches deep. The steamer basket is just under 14 inches in diameter and 4 1/4 inches deep. You can easily place the stainless steel steamer inside and steam as many vegetables as you want. But this large steamer pot wasn't meant for use as a vegetable steamer alone. You can use the steamer as a hot dog steamer, a clam steamer, oyster steamer ... or any other type of seafood steamer. The pot itself can easily be used with the lid as a gumbo or soup cooker.


Click for this Giant Stainless Steel Steamer

Mailing Address
2819 Worley Drive
MAIDEN, NC 28650

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Telephone: (828) 466-7422 is a subsidiary of The P. B. Helms Company
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