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Waterless Cookware Questions
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Waterless Cooking Questions & Answers

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QUESTION: What is the difference between the different brands of waterless cookware brands?

The differences between virtually all brands of waterless cookware are few and small for the most part. As a good rule of thumb, if a set of waterless cookware is constructed of a high grade of surgical stainless steel, such as 304 surgical stainless steel, and if the manufacturer has a history of their products, plus if the manufacturer themselves back their cookware with a Factory Lifetime Warranty, then you can be certain that you are receiving a very high quality set of waterless cookware.
The reason that there are only small differences between the various brands of waterless cookware is because there are just four principles that must be present in the construction of a cooking utensil in order for it to perform the waterless method. If these four principles are in place, then you have waterless cookware. The differences between the waterless brands are more about the types of knobs and the different pieces in a set than anything else.
The four principles that must be present in the construction of a cooking utensil in order for it to perform the waterless method can be seen here Four Principles.. If these four principles are in place, then you have waterless cookware.

QUESTION: Why is there such a large price difference between the different brands of waterless cookware? How can you sell at these prices?

The main reason for the price difference is simple: We are a wholesale supplier of waterless cookware products and accessories. We are not a retail outlet. We market our products to retail sellers who market the cookware at the retail price, normally by hosting a dinner party and demonstrating the cookware.
To help keep our prices down, we do not practice bulk advertising mailings or any other type of advertising other than to picked up free of charge by the various search engines. This is a huge savings, a savings which we pass on to our customers.

QUESTION: Are there foods that should not be prepared using the waterless or grease-less method?

Yes, there are certain foods that simply cannot be cooked by using the waterless method, but you can still use your new cookware to cook these foods using the regular method of cooking.
The foods that should not be cooked by using the waterless method are:

Dried Beans
You will need to prepare rice as you always have by boiling it in water or using a rice steamer.

Eggs --
We have placed eggs last because, unless some type of oil is used, most people find it somewhat difficult to scramble or fry an egg using the waterless method of cooking because there is often a problem with eggs sticking to any type of stainless steel. Therefore, on a normal basis, you will need to use some sort of spray or perhaps simply rub some olive oil into the bottom of your skillet, especially when cooking eggs. However, when you purchase the waterless cookware from our company, we will send you a collection of waterless recipes which contains a waterless method of cooking eggs.

QUESTION: How do I use the egg poacher? (The poached-egg cups come with some waterless sets, but not all sets) What pan does the rack fit in and what lid do I use or do I use a lid? How do I poach an egg?

The holder for the egg poacher cups will fit on the rim of either the large skillet or a stockpot with the dome lid placed over the egg cups (optional). Below is a recipe for poaching eggs with our sets.


1 1/2 to 2 cups water
5 teaspoons butter or margarine
5 eggs
salt and pepper to taste

Pour water into the large skillet. Put egg rack onto skillet and add 1 teaspoon of butter into each egg cup.
Cover and place over medium to medium-high heat until water begins to boil.
Using a fork as your handle, tilt each egg cup to coat entire cup with melted butter.
Break one egg into each cup. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover pan with lid and reduce heat to low.
Cook for 3 to 5 minutes depending on desired texture.

To serve, run a knife around each egg, lift the cup with a fork and turn the egg onto a plate, toast, or English muffin. Herbs or sauces may be added to the cups at the same time as the butter was added.

QUESTION: Is there a chart or other information that gives a general idea of what each pan is recommended for? For instance, I know that you can make a cake on the stove top, but in what pan?

Cakes are normally cooked in the largest skillet. A good rule of thumb is to use the pan or pot that fits the amount of food you are preparing. Try to use the correct sized pot for the amount of food that's going into it.

QUESTION: How do I steam vegetables if I did not order a set with a steamer basket?

During “waterless” cooking, you sometimes use water to cook with, but if so, very little. The cookware converts the small amount of water into steam and your food is steam-cooked inside the utensil -- as long as the lid is left on the utensil. This can be done without a steamer basket, again, as long as the lid is left on the utensil. This method of cooking may take a few times to get use to, but once you become accustomed it, you'll never go back to the conventional way of cooking.

You can steam vegetables with only a small amount of water in the bottom of the pot, this is only to prevent scorching. The vegetables will normally cook in their natural juices and the water that is left on after rinsing. There’s no straining, so no loss of nutrients. This method preserves the natural nutrients, flavor and colors of your food.

Start out by rinsing your vegetables thoroughly. For the sake of safety, and until you are accustomed to this form of cooking, you can add 2 to 3 Tablespoons of water to vegetables in the pan. Start cooking with the lid on and the valve open. Start on medium heat until the whistle sounds and steam begins to rush out of the valve or until the thermostat gauge reaches the point explained in your official instructions. Turn the burner down to low, if you have a steam-release valve, close the valve, and finish cooking to desired tenderness. Seasonings are optional.

QUESTION: What is the major difference in the layers in the different waterless sets?

The number of layers should not be a major factor in choosing a set of waterless cookware, because the number of layers is really more about marketing strategies than quality. Whether a consumer chooses a 7, 9 or 12 layer set, they all end up being happy with their cookware. Other than the number of layers, the differences in the sets are quite minor. Unless you own an induction-top stove, it should be a simple matter of preference of the different pieces in the sets when they make their decision, because the quality is very high in the surgical stainless steel sets.
If you own an induction-top stove, you will need to order a set which has carbon steel in the construction.

QUESTION: How is waterless cookware constructed, and is surgical stainless steel really the best material for waterless cooking or is there another material that is just as good?

Rapid heat transfer, even heating, and a material that will hold the heat inside the pot is needed for a waterless cooking utensil to work properly.
Surgical stainless steel is an excellent material for holding heat, as well as many other advantages. It contains the properties needed for waterless cooking, with one exception; stainless steel is not a good heat conductor. This problem could be overcome by making the base very thin, but this could make having a flat base impossible. A flat base is clearly needed for good contact with the heat source. Both aluminum and copper are excellent heat conductors, that's why the base of most waterless utensils contain a thin layer of either copper or aluminum between the layers of stainless steel and other metals. However, aluminum is somewhat moderate in texture. During the process of waterless cooking there is a tremendous amount of steam-heat produced, and aluminum would have a tendency to become damaged during this process quicker and easier than stainless steel. This is why the better quality cookware companies use metals of great durability and strength, such as iron and/or titanium in the construction of their waterless cookware.
So, in order to cook with the waterless method utensil we need: a material for durability, the ability to contain heat, a thick base for strength and flatness, and a material inside the base for rapid heat transfer. Therefore, the ideal waterless utensil is constructed of a high grade of surgical stainless steel with a thin layer of aluminum or copper encased inside the bottom capsule which is also constructed of stainless steel, and the bottom is machine-flattened for even better heat transfer.

QUESTION: Can I put waterless cookware in my dishwasher?

The surgical stainless steel pots themselves are completely dish-washer safe, however, because of the delicate mechanism of the steam release valves as well as the therm-o-control valves, if you are purchasing one of these sets, it is suggested that the lids not be placed in a dishwasher.

QUESTION: What's a good way to clean stainless steel cookware? What if a pot becomes stained?

There are several different cleaners on the market for cleaning surgical stainless steel cookware as well as stainless sinks. We prefer powder, it just seems to work faster, but you can also purchase liquid. You can use the stainless steel cleaner for both the inside and outside of the pots. Just a bit of elbow-grease and the little discolored spots you've gotten from overheating your pot will disappear, and your pots will look shiny and new again in no time at all. Check with your local supermarket and select the brand you prefer. Remember to always rinse your cookware thoroughly.

HINT: Over time, we've learned that more often than not, elbow grease isn't always necessary in cleaning surgical stainless steel cookware. All you usually need to do is take a few tablespoons (depending on the size of your pot or pan) of liquid dish detergent plus about the same amount of powdered cleanser, add a little water, mix, and heat the substance in the soiled pot on your stove-top on simmer
for 20 minutes up to an hour, depending on the severity of the stain. After this, if there is still residue left on the surface, it can be wiped away with a cloth or sponge.
We've also found that rubbing vinegar into each waterless utensil after washing makes cleaning easier the next time and also helps to prevent sticking.

QUESTION: Should I ever need to, how would I go about obtaining additional handles or knobs for my waterless cookware if they are not covered by the lifetime warranty?

You can always contact us for any needs concerning your cookware, this includes handles and knobs, or you can visit our website concerning Handles and Knobs.

If you need handles or knobs for cookware other than the brands that we market (Chef's Secret, Steam Control System, Maxam, Precise Heat, Health Smart), you may find your brand on the list of brands to the right. The list is by no means complete, but it may help you.


With Steam-Release Valves


The same brand that was demonstrated on national TV by Chef Robert and Cajun Chef Justin Wilson.

Click for a larger photo of our Chef's Secret Steam Control Waterless Cookware constructed 304 surgical stainless steel - To Place Your Order for this Waterless Cookware Set click on our Online Secure Order Form or call 828-466-7422

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The set that has it all, our elegant Chef's Secret Waterless Cookware Set with Steam Control Knobs is literally a chef's dream come true. The two T304 surgical stainless steel bowls in this set can also be used as double boilers as well as dome covers for stove-top roasting. Set includes. The beautiful set features mirror finish exterior, satin finish interior, and Steam-Control Knobs.
includes a "Graduated Steamer Basket" which means that it is made to fit more than one size pot. In this case the basket will fit the following pots: 1.5qt Stockpot (2 handles) 2qt Stockpot 3qt Stockpot

The set includes a free online waterless cooking demonstration video, recipes and instructions. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Click for more Details KT928


Item KT15 Waterless Cookware System by Chef's Secret
The construction of our KT915 waterless set includes 304 surgical stainless steel plus chrome for longer life, iron for strength, and copper for durability. All of these materials allow for heat transmitting properties which allows for a faster, more even heat distribution. You'll never be bothered with "hot spots" with this set of cookware. This waterless cookware set has a total of five pots with lids, one cover dome which may be used as a skillet, and a stainless steel mixing bowl with lid which is also used as a double boiler unit. Also, the KT915 does not come with poached-egg cups and holder, but comes with a deep-fry basket or strainer instead. Lifetime Warranty. Set weight: 32 lbs

Item No. KT915

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Click for enlarged photo and details for item KT17ULTRA Waterless Steam Control System Cookware
This 7-ply, surgical stainless steel waterless cookware set, which we call our "Ultlra" set, is considered by many to be one of the highest quality waterless cookware sets on the market today. The Maxam Corporation began manufacturing waterless cookware in 1950, and this was their very first set. History has proven this set to be a high quality, long lasting investment. The Ultra set is different from most waterless cookware sets in that it contains a layer of carbon steel between the layers of surgical stainless steel. Carbon steel is a gentle heating element which carries the heat evenly to all parts of the cooking utensil and preventing hot spots. Foods cook naturally in their own juices within a complete circle of heat. The carbon steel also makes it possible for this set to be used on an induction-top stove. The KT17ULTRA set is suitable for ceramic, induction-top, electric, and gas stoves. The handles are resistant to heat, cold and harsh detergents. This set weighs a total of 37 lbs. Lifetime Warranty.

Item No. KT17ULTRA
Click for KT17ULTRA Waterless Cookware Set Wholesale Price


Item KT172
This Maxam Waterless Cookware Set has the identical construction and pieces as the Maxam KT17 shown below, but cost less. The reason the price is less has nothing at all to do with quality. All of our sets have the same elite quality and all have the same Lifetime Warranty, including this set. The reason that the cost is less is because it has plain knobs instead of the steam release valve knobs. To understand how this works, please go to the Details. for this set. The Maxam Waterless Cookware Set features heavy-gauge 304 surgical stainless steel, for outstanding durability and cooking performance. Every detail of this high quality 17 piece cookware set reflects fine craftsmanship. The extra thick impact bonded bottom on all Maxam Waterless Cookware assures fast and even heating with positively no hot spots. A light flutter of the cover will tell you it is time to reduce the heat to low to allow the stored heat of the extra thick bottom finish cooking your food. Other high quality features of this professional series cookware include surgical stainless steel capped rivets on the heat resistant phenolic handles, gleaming mirror polished exteriors, easy cleaning satin polish interiors and self storing lid. Each pan bottom clearly indicates the size of the pan so you can choose the perfect size pan every time. Suitable for ceramic, gas, and electric stoves. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Set weight: 35 lbs

Item No. KT172

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Maxam Waterless Cookware Item KT17 - Click for Details
Our Maxam Waterless Cookware Set is identical to our Steam Control System, KT17ULTRA, except it does not have the carbon steel in the construction, and the manufacturer gave it a different brand name in order to show an obvious difference. The pieces are the same and the pots are all the same size as the ULTRA set. The Maxam™ Waterless Cookware Set is constructed of high quality 304 surgical stainless steel. The handles on the Maxam set are resistant to heat, cold and harsh detergents. Suitable for ceramic, gas, and electric stoves. Comes with Lifetime Warranty. Set weight: 34 lbs

Item No. KT17

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Click for Details for this cookware set As one of our newest sets, this waterless set has the thermostat knobs, also called "thermo-control knobs." The gage is built into the knob of the lids to help regulate cooking temperatures, which means that a quick glance at the thermo-gage will tell you immediately if your food is cooking correctly. The unique pieces that come with the set are also special, for example, a vegetable steamer, a deep-fry basket, a stainless steel bowl with lid and a vegetable grater. This waterless set is suitable for ceramic top, gas, and electric stoves. Lifetime Warranty. Set weight: 33 lbs

Item No. KTSS22

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Click for an enlarged photo of this  cookware set
Even though this set is smaller in pieces than some of the other sets, it weighs more than every other set in our line, except the KT17ULTRA set (above). We were proud to add this heavy duty Health-Smart Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set to our line of cookware. The Health-Smart set is one of our highest quality sets of cookware, and is probably our most unusual set in that it has the normal five basic pieces with a lid for each utensil, and that's all. No colander, no stainless steel mixing bowl, no utensils, and no steamer rack, yet it weighs more than the sets that carry these extra pieces. This set has the basic pieces you need for a well-stocked kitchen, plus a larger-than-average, 16 quart stockpot which is included with the set. Lifetime Warranty Set weight: 37 lbs

Item No. KTWC10

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