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Surgical Stainless Steel Slow Cooker
Waterless Cookware Set by Chef's Secret

Surgical Stainless Slow Cooker
Waterless Cookware
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Stainless Steel Slow Cooker
Enlarged Photo

Precise Heat™ 12" Surgical Stainless Steel Deep Electric Slow Cooker or Skillet

This surgical stainless steel electric slow cooker contains no aluminum.

Our Precise Heat™ 12 inch, surgical stainless steel, deep electric skillet and slowcooker features 120v, 1500 watt on and off power cord, a sturdy temperature control, a surgical stainles steel cover with a steam release vent, fully rolled edge, riveted handles, and a beautiful mirror finish on the exterior as well as the interior, and it holds seven (7) full quarts of food. The measurements of the slow cooker are 12" x 7-1/4".
Our electrical slow cooker comes with a full five year warranty and comes to you in a white box suitable for gifting.

  • 120v, 1500 Watt On/Off Power Cord
  • Temperature Control
  • Cover with Steam Release Vent
  • Fully Rolled Edge
  • Riveted Handles
  • Mirror Finish Exterior and Interior
  • Measures 12" x 7-1/4"
  • Holds 7 Quarts

    Shipping Weight is approximately 10 lbs.

    Item No. KTDEEP



    If you choose the Expedited Shipment Option your order will be placed in front of all orders which did not make this request and shipped within 24 hours. The "Expedited Shipment" fee is $15.00.
    PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your location, it can take from 1 to 7 days for UPS to deliver ground shipments.


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    Purchase any Waterless Cookware Set and you can also receive an extra discount on many of our individual cooking products.

  • PRECISE HEAT 3.5 Quart

    Click for Enlarged Picture with 
Details of this stainless steel electric skillet
    Our Precise Heat 3.5 quart Surgical Stainless Steel Oil Core Skillet features a low dome cover with stay-cool handles and knobs. The surgical stainless steel has been given a beautiful mirror finish as well as for beauty and durability. The measurements are 12 1/4 inches outside and a diameter of 11 inches on the inside of the skillet. The inside depth of this skillet is 3 inches. Shipping weight is 14 lbs. UL approved.

    We carry several Waterless Surgical Stainless Steel Electric Skillets, with or without the oil-core center. Please visit our Electric Skillet Section for prices and details
    Waterless Cooking Electric Skillets


    Click for details on our stainless steel stockpots
    Surgical Stainless Steel Stockpots

    Our beautiful surgical stainless steel stocks pots feature multi-ply construction so that you can perform the waterless cooking method with ease. They all come with an outside-mirrored surface and inside-satin polishing, plus black stay-cool handles. Sizes and prices vary, and all come with a Factory Lifetime Warranty.

    Item No. KTSPDO55

    Click for details and prices on our Waterless Stockpots

    Vegetable Chopper of
    Stainless Steel
    Five Stainless Cones
    Click for enlarged photo of the surgical stainless steel vegetable chopper

    Click For Enlarged Photo

    The Maxam® Stainless Steel Vegetable Chopper comes with five stainless steel cones (shredder, stringer, French fry cutter, slicer, and waffler) and a protective finger guard that can be removed for easy cleanup. It features a 3-leg suction cup base for a firm grip and plus a beautiful chrome finish. Cones are dishwasher safe. Lifetime Warranty.

    Item No. KTVC7

    Click for the Stainless Steel Food Chopper

    304 Surgical Stainless Steel
    9-Layer Omelet Pan 8" Diameter

    Click for details - Stainless Steel Omelet Pan
    This 9-ply, 304 surgical stainless steel skillet has a heavy duty, phenolic handle and fits in perfectly with any of our waterless cookware sets. Measures 8 inches in diameter. Refrigeration and Dishwasher safe. Comes with Lifetime Warranty

    Item No. KTOP5

    Click for Details & Price on the Omelet Pan

    Chef's Secret by Maxam
    304 Surgical Stainless Steel
    Round Griddle with See-Thru Lid

    Surgical stainless Steel Stove-top Griddle
    The construction of this stove-top griddle allows you to grill all of your foods evenly and quickly. It has two stainless steel 'helper' handles and a see-thru glass lid. This griddle makes cooking several hamburgers, pancakes, chicken pieces, sausage, eggs or bacon easy and convenient. Suitable for electric, gas, or ceramic stove-tops. Measures 13 1/2 inches in diameter. Lifetime Warranty.

    Item No. KTGRID2

    Click for the KTGRID2 Stove-top Griddle

    Surgical Stainless Steel 12-layer
    Large Stovetop Turkey-Roast-Ham
    Roaster and Grill By Precise Heat

    Stainless steel turkey roaster by Precise Heat - Click photo for details
    Our Precise Heat Multi-Baker Roaster with Wire Rack features surgical stainless steel construction on both the cover and the roaster. The construction allows you to bake a roast right on the stovetop to save energy and reduce heat build-up in your kitchen. Of course, you can also bake in your oven as well with this roaster. The lid will reverse in order to be used as an oval grill or frying pan on your stovetop - or use it in your oven as an open baking pan. The roaster measures 20-1/4" x 12" x 8-1/4"

    Click for manufacturer's brochure for retail price authenticity.

    We sell at "wholesale prices" only.

    Click for Details & Prices on our two different Roasters

    Giant-Size Waterless Stainless Vegetable Steamer

    Click for Enlarged Picture & Detailed Description
    Our giant-sized skillet measures 14-inches in diameter and 4 3/8 inches deep. The steamer basket is just under 14 inches in diameter and 4 1/4 inches deep. You can easily place the stainless steel steamer inside and steam as many vegetables as you want. But this large steamer pot wasn't meant for use as a vegetable steamer alone. You can use the steamer as a hot dog steamer, a clam steamer, oyster steamer, and the large pot may be used with the lid as a gumbo or soup cooker.

    Item No. KTGIANT2

    Click for Details & Price on the Giant Stainless Steel Steamer

    Chef's Secret® Stainless Steel Stir Fry Pan
    and Wok with Dome Lid
    Stainless steel wok and stir fry pan Click photo to enlarge
    Enlarged Photo

    Our Chef's Secret Stir Fry Pan with Dome Lid features a 12" stainless steel, multi-ply, 12-element stir fry pan with stainless steel dome lid, stainless steel cast handle and knob, satin finish interior and exterior. Limited lifetime warranty.
  • 12" Stainless Steel, Multi-Ply, 12-Element Stir Fry Pan
  • Stainless Steel Dome Lid
  • Stainless Steel Cast Handle and Knob
  • Satin Finish Interior and Exterior
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Item No. KTSF12
    Click for Details for Stainless Steel Wok

  • Chef’s Secret® Surgical Stainless Steel
    2.75-quart Tea Kettle
    with Copper Capsule Bottom
    Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

    No, it isn't a waterless utensil, however, this Chef Secret® Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle features a beautiful stainless steel mirror finish and perfectly molded stay-cool handle. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

    Item No. KTTKC
    Click for Details for Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

    Heavy-Gauge Surgical Stainless Steel
    72-Piece Flatware & Hostess Set

    click for details and prices

    Our 72 piece fatware and hostess set is constructed of a heavy-gauge surgical stainless steel. All 72 pieces are packed in a convenient, heavy duty flatware briefcase which measures 18 x 12-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches. This set comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Gift boxed. Shipping weight is 13 lbs.

    Click for Details & Prices on Stainless Steel Flatware

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