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Contravene s/t CD
"There just are not a lot of peace punk bands these days. But Contravene rise up to be about the best one there currently is - and that is a treat that means a lot to old die-hards like me. And when you find a band that you absolutely adore and they put out a 7" here and a split there and another 7"...Well, I find myself putting those records together with the intent to make a tape so I can get it all together and be happy. Well, after their full length release on Tribal War, they have done just that - brought together their various earlier 7"s together on one CD. I couldn't be happier. Contravene remind me a lot of the earlier Chumbawamba sound - except that I like them even more cause from the start they are heavier with a more metallic edge. They've got male-female vocals, a driving energy, a pummeling charged power, and they also breakdown into some mellow parts (the Chumba influence/reference) - and Shelly's got a great voice! They also include a lot of activist political sound bytes. This band is inspiring and they fucking rock my world. I love them." (Chris - Slug and Lettuce #74)

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