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Contravene "forever in struggle" Demo Tape
"Dual f/m vocal attack from Arizona's answer to Dirt. Good old fashioned anarcho punk, like they used to play in the 80's! Plenty of variety to their sound, sometimes melodic and slow, sometimes fast and thrashy. Includes a ripping version of Dirt's 'Hiroshima' - very apt. Makes a refreshing change to have a band embracing anarcho punk instead of the usual crusty sound that seems so abundant nowadays." (-In Darkness There is No Choice #6)

"If you've read my last review, then you know that I really enjoy Contravene. Even though I do enjoy them, I didn't like the raw sound of their early recordings. I think their newer stuff is much more developed. It's still a great tape to own for any fan of anarcho/peace punk. The demo includes 8 tracks including a cover of DIRT's "Hiroshima"! It also includes early versions of some of my favorite songs by them, Organize and Insecurity. The photocopied insert includes all the lyrics to the songs, which is cool. Good release by a good band." (-Manufactured Citizens) 

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