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Contravene "a call to action" LP/CD
"I don't know for how long I waited for this record to be released, but it felt like forever. I've loved them since the demo and knowing that they've been becoming better and better with each release… you get the point. But this wasn't a winner from the start, I thought they had become less angry in the music. Maybe they have, but I don't care 'cause this is just so… damn it's good! Music when you wanna relax your body but not your mind. Much due to the lyrics but also 'cause the music takes its turns here and there which keeps you alert. Not all melodic anarcho punk is good but this, with its fair share of rawness, is. All I can find that's negative really is that the growling male vocals aren't suitable everywhere. In some cases screamy ones would fit better with Shelly's voice. But apart from that Contravene knows what it's all about. Great informative booklet and amazing artwork overall. The cover, drawn by Jeremy Clark, is both beautiful and inspirational." (Krogh/Attack Fanzine

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