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Contravene s/t 7"
"My favorite new band of the season! I could start out by going through a list of all the things that I like most to see in a band - and then tell you how Contravene are all of that. They're an anarcho-peace punk band that plays with a powerful and heavy raging energy; they've got female and male dual vocals (and the range of her voice is awesome!); they break up their raging with some mellower parts which really make this rule - her spoken voice has so much impact - and it also throws back to the tradition of speaking in great anarcho-punk songs. Musically they have enough diversity to bring out a whole bunch of different styles throughout this format. And there are a number of parts where they breakdown the crusty rage into these really strong impacting parts. Those moments that I live for in a band - that bring the goosebumps, fist in the air and euphoria. Contravene remind me of Chumbawamba on the split 7" with A State of Mind. Sort of an obscure reference - but it was a fantastic 7" and my favorite Chumba stuff - and the breakdown speaking parts have the same triumphant impact here. This band rules!!! If you are into anarcho-crust punk, if you like good strong female vocals, if you want to hear one of the most inspiriing punk bands - then you will want to get to know this band! Good lyrics and fold-out sleeve. My favorite right now!!!" (-Chris/Slug and Lettuce #65)

"Debut EP from Arizona's Contravene, 3 tracks of 80's UK anarcho influenced punk. Dual f/m vocals give plenty of variety to a sound that is like a mix of Dirt and Omega Tribe. Plenty of melody and slower parts that make Contravene stand out from the crowd. Top release from one of America's finest." (-In Darkness There is No Choice #6)

"Contravene is a great Arizona based 5 piece political, activist, crust band. They play a very good tempo of deep crust music with pretty good, no, make that awesome female fronted lyrics. This album is a very good release as it included song lyrics, and lengthy explinations to the songs as well as some stories to go along witt the explination. Song topics range from how punks dont treat each other as equals, how if you've been in the scene longer, you're an "elder" type person. Also songs about organization to make a difference and a song about borders. Arizona is next to the Mexican border therefore a lot of police brutality goes on with the "illegal" immagrants. All the songs are really good and so is this band. If you ever have a chance to see them (most likely at a Solidarity festival), then do it." (-Manufactured Citizens)

Contravene is one of the new school peace punk US bands and once again they released an amazing 7" (a year ago - I just found it yesterday). They make me think of something like the System with some earlier Chumabawamba in it which is definately a good comparison. Lyricwise, the singer (female and from time to time a male is doing some parts too) is writing about punk as a social club with leaders and rules to follow, being organized and xenophobic policies in the U.S. An LP is planned on Tribal War. (from Naciste con voz issue #2)

"Another infinite release from these Phoenix anarcho-punks. Dual female/male vocals pack a hard punch o animosity to the state. Their style reminds me of the allusive 80's peace punk. A lot of political issues are tackled on this debut album. The melodic track "man made borders, man made lies" will invigorate you to stand and challenge the anguish we're forced to see so often. It would be wise to acquire this as soon as you can." (-the Aborted Living #2)

"I believe this is the debut ep of Arizona's Contravene. They play raged and angry punk with good melody and hooks. Their lyrics are direct and all political covering topics such as scenester social clubs, unity and organizing amongst people and immigration/border issues. The packaging and layout is really good as well." (-MA/Heartattack #28)

"Yup, there's a circle around the "A" in their name, and the cover bears more than a passing resemblance to any number of CRASS record graphics. I doubt they'd take it as an insult if I stated the obvious, that these folks owe a huge debt to the English peace punk scene of the '80s. Having said much, CONTRAVENE are surprisingly adept at rocking extra hard as they are busy spreading the word on issues destroying the planet. Shelly, the singer, is most definately their secret weapon, as her voice is raw, raspy and chock full of righteous anger. The songs have a good drive to them, and their heart seems to be in the right place (even if they can veer too far into slogan-land lyrically). This is worth giving a listen." (-BG/MaximumRockNRoll #220)

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