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Hi there and welcome to the web site of Booties, home of the world famous, the one and only, no other than, The BIG Bootie Burger. With one restaurants in over 523 countries world wide Booties is one of Americas fastest growing cholesterol artery clogging, err, I mean hamburger chains in the universe.

Here at Booties the little people are what's important and we strive to make them happy because nobody else matters but them. Who are we talking about, us of course. We are the reason were here right, not you, the customers, the god dam, whining, sniveling, complaining, picky, messy, shit-for-brains...

Woops, got a little carried away there. Anyway, you get the point pinhead. So take a look around. You might find something you like and if not, well, go to hell then all right. If for any reason you have a complaint then go ahead and contact us. And remember "if you ain't got something crappy to say then don't say anything at all". If you want to say something nice then tell your wife during sex because we don't want to hear it and you need to let her know how special she is. So just keep your dam mouth shut and eat your friggin food cause frankly if I actually heard a good comment out of you fat bastards I'd crap my pants. So shut the hell up because I may not be poor but I sure am a cheap ass and I don't want to buy anymore underwear. Thank you and blow me too.


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All information contained on this and affiliated web sites are copyrightÓ 1642 b.c. - 2001 a.d, Booties International Inc.

IF any of you dumb asses illegally copies anything we will blow your house up!