Poetry and Stuff

Here are a few poems I really enjoy, as well as a few of my own.

My poems: Tomoko. Vindictive. His Hymn. Shadow. Untitled. Obsession. Caustic. Downhill. Speck. Dream. Approach. All. Borrow. New. Reach. Accusation. Angsty Assortment. Short Assortment. 1/2. (new) Not me. (new) Grace. (new) Gone. (new) Letter, a letter responding to a lie. (new) Mistake. (new)

Other's work: Hello, by Gregory Corso; It Is An Outfielder, by Ron Loewinsohn (decoder ring to the first 5 who say it right); Why Try, by Ted Joans; The Curviture Of The Thing, by Ron Padgett; and my favorite of the batch (and perhaps all time): Hymn, by Jack Kerouac.

Lawnmower, by Joe Devos (giltweasl on efnet). Here are a few by Tiffany, and here are a few more of hers. Here is a painting of albert einstein that I really like.

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