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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Sheniki Anime Storage,for all your anime needs!

Okay, Okay, cut the comercial. Hi! We are SHENIKI Productions and like you we just luuuuuve anime. Our little group is composed of 3 people (Shellagh: Wait, let's get this straight, I'm the *only* human being in the group) and the Serval, who is a very special friend. But before we get to the anime we will introduce ourselves....

Sheniki was made under a lot of hardwork and pain. We deliberated for hours on a proper name. Then, Bam! It came to us. SHENIKI! It was perfect.

Shellagh: Well, "She" stands for Shellagh. I am the only normal human being in this group. Find out more about me and my fave animes in my page. Feauturing DBZ, RAYEARTH, YU YU HAKUSHO & FUSHIGI YUUGI.

Niel: "Ni" stands for Niel, I am a half mortal goddess, who sits around writing down all the events, I have seen. Come enter see the what I have written. You may find something that might surprise you.:o)

Kirah: Last is "Ki" for Kirah. Okay, okay, so I suck a little blood now and then. That's no reason to say that I'm not a person! Come visit me in my castle, where you can see the sights of the Honshitaru Plane!

The Serval: Welcome. I am the Serval and I am humbly expressing thoughts relating to the world of anime. What will be presented is an original idea, but is a mere briefing for what will be. If there are any violent reactions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact me at the email address above.

We've finally completed some fanfics! They're housed on our fanfic page, Sheniki Fanfic Storage

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