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A temple in the sky!

I would like to thank Joanne and Lori for helping set up this page. Thanks to Sheila who help me thnk on what to put up on this page and thanks for making me get intrested in Anime. Thanks to Salvee for the inspirations and sayings. Thanks to Andrea, Chary and their barkada for all their repeated sayings and critisism. Thank you also Kim for all the pix that you've been trying to download, the fanfics and the hours that we have put together to think on the stories we might write. Guys! Salamat. (rem. always the HOWLING DOGS!)

You are floating to the sky and you can see a large castle made of clouds and moon dust. The moon was low in the evening and you could see the sun was about to rise at any minuite. You move nearer and knocked on the door. No one seemed to answer. The door opens, you look inside and all you see was a well lighted correighdor. You follow the light to a small siting room where you see a beautiful (MP: As if! :)) lady in a long white robe. She stands up when she see's you and says:

Aaah! I see that I have a guest. Well, WELCOME! Welcome to my humble abode. I'm sorry this place is a mess, but my friend Mercury didn't tell methat someone was comming. To tell you the truth I am delighted. It has been years, since I had someone to talk to. Oh, before I forget to tell you, I better introduce myself, my name is Niel. I used to have a last name, but I have forgotten it over the years. You see, I am the only half mortal goddess of the sky, banned from earth, never to feel the touch of normal human beings, never to feel the warmth of the sun, but enough of that.Right now, follow me and I will take you to the most wonderous places in this mystical land.but not right now, you are tired. Follow me

You both walk to a large door. You see her push the door open. What you see astonishes you. Books filled the room. Thick bound books that are filled with a persons life. You just stare at the books unable to move. You hear her move towards the large window. then you feel the heat of the sun as she opens the curtains. You basked the heat as you heard her say,

I love my life here in the sky, the freedom to watch the Gods and mortals, the universe and the earth. To be able to see people smile at the rain, I shower them, and to be able to smell the (Eeewww!) polution in the morning. If you want we can sit on one of my seats and I'll tell you many stories, but my favorite is the one about this Princess called Serenity. but for now you've got sit down, wait and dream on this beautiful stary night. Enjoy the stars I send you, my friend It will show you the way

Hello again. I am here to promote my friend's original animes. The Serval has one of the keenest and smartest minds I have ever seen in the world you are living in. She has created dozens of animes but has only now beginning to show it to the world. Here's the link.

I can see that you are interested in this book. Go in and check the adventure that these mortals has foolishly indulge in. Go and have a good laugh.

Is what you hear a whisper of love or a spell of death?
My Sailormoon Fanfics