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Chiue Castle

Emerging from a dark forest you come upon what seems to be an ancient abandoned castle. The sun has already began its desent behind the mountains. You decide to seek shelter in the old building. Who knows what dangers lie in the supposedly haunted forest? The tall iron gates before you swing open with a creek. After crossing a stone bridge over a moat, two wooden doors stand before you. Before you can reach out to touch them, one door opens slowly, revealing a girl. Her pale, almost translucent skin is a striking contrast to her dark hair. She looks at you with a slight smile upon her lips.

Hello! Welcome, traveler. Do come in. You have stumbled upon my humble abode, by chance perhaps? Maybe not. Please, my castle shall be yours for however long you wish to grace me with your presence. Oh, how careless of me! I've forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Kamirah, but you may address me as Kirah.

By all means, have a look around. You'll find exquisite art that I have collected over the ages. Plus different literary pieces that I have come to treasure. Some of my stories are based on anime, others are by my own creation. Please do not leave until you've read my favorite, it's the one all about me. My very dear friend wrote it. Well, I'll leave you to you're exploring.

What? What's that you say? Well yes, my castle can be quite overwhelming, but I'm suppose I'm just use to it. I can't have you getting lost, now can I? Very well, I shall have to take you on the grand tour. Please follow me.

These here are some of my new ones. Surely you recogise the subjets in the paintings.


Magnificent, arent they? Well, now that I've taken you for the tour, why don't you relax on the chair by the fire. I'm sure your exhausted. Rest, while I tell you the tale of The Child of the Dark Dawn

Violent spirit of old,
Fiery eyes and giant strength,
demon that stalks both day and night,
A raging bull, an unclean soul,
The demon has no shame.
The cry of the weak,
The screams of the strong,
She spills their blood like rain.

This is not Mary! This is an angel!!!

The pictures of the castle and the staue of the angel are taken from the book "Vampire" by Manuela Dunn Mascetti

Just wanted to say hi to all my IRL friends from DLSZ! Thanx to Martin for the editing and inspiration! Thanx to Jam and Chris who supply me with enough ideas to last a life time. And thanx to my dearest cuz Miguel for scanning the pics for me. And lastly a very big Thanx to Nicole for setting this page up for me =0).