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A victim fallen into a pit of of hardly remarkable character... ...spare oneself from the masses of the rankest fabrication...what is it there to do? Bay at the moon with the cervine wolf..commune with the Serval...

The Serval is presently welcoming you to its lair for expression on the lop-sided , yet charming world of anime. May you be a victim of anime's pull, a long-time addict or a new comer, the Serval welcomes all and spits out no one. The Serval is an avid arcade gamer and just another anime fan. It's choice of games are as follows:

Fighting games (namely CAPCOM, Tekken and SNK or Takara in Japan) and RPG games (SQUARESOFT rules!!)

It's choice of animes are as follows : Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ, Sailor Moon, and every one show animes (such as Ghost in a Shell, A Wind named Amnesia, etc.)

Okay, this is Shellagh and I am here to introduce my best friend's own animes. Meaning she creates her own. But since she still has to work on some of it, here are some drawings that she made of two of her own.

Anyway, the title of this anime or image is New Blood. I'll summarize the plot as from what I gather from the Serval. There are five people who have their own powers. Once they knew of this, they decided to conquer the world. But as they were planning, an evil entity decided to also conquer Earth. So instead of taking over, they save the world from the bad guys. The characters are Dash (blue-haired guy. absolutely gorgeous!), Goddess (purple-black hair), Volt (blond haired), Cyclone (brown-haired) and Flame (red-haired). They are actually relatives, cousins to be precise. Except Dash is the only one without a sister or a brother. Goddess and Volt are siblings and Cyclone and Flame are siblings, too. Well, I'll get you back on this soon.

The Serval has a page of NEW BLOOD now!!! Just click on the image.

The other one still has no title but they're pretty cool. I will be putting a site for them a long with New Blood.

I'm not really that familiar with the plot of this but it's pretty nice. I'll explain as from what my dearest friend tells me again. Tania Zentin and her brother Shin are orphans and they travel around the world competing in tournaments regarding martial arts. They've fought in Tekken, Toshiden (I think), Street Fighter and a lot more. I'm not really sure. In this journeying around the world, they have this private war to settle with someone and they are running around from their past. I'll tell more details when it's finally finished. As you can see these two images are the main characters.