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The colorful ships and birds of 1977 were overprinted to celebrate Year of the Child in 1979.

The first full-color digital print stamp we did was this orchid, to mark Year of the Dragon.  Convenient miniature sheets were also printed.

When Occussi-Ambeno was given the new colony of West Vinland, stamps were urgently needed, so KDPN overprinted various OA stamps, then rushed them by zeppelin to West Vinland.

    The Imperial Government Printing Office of the Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno was founded upon our independence in 1968.

    The first press it used was an English-made Adana, an excellent machine for letterpress printing. This press produced many of the early stamps and overprints for the country, as well as luggage labels, self-adhesive stickers, checks, and airline and ship travel tickets. Later, a wonderful Heidelberg platen press was acquired, and used extensively.

    Today, the press is commonly known by its initials KDPN (for Kantor Diraja Penchetakan Negara, = Imperial Government Printing Office in Bahasa Negara) and much of its output is computer-originated. The move to digital printing and lasers resulted in the attractive full-color stamps of 2000 and later.

    As well as printing stamps and stationery for Occussi-Ambeno's various government departments, the KDPN also helps several allies and friends by producing stamps for them too.
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Heroes of Ecology were honored in 2000, and this stamp shows Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Junior Police Dog DENNIS was depicted on this stamp to mark the ICIS Police Conference in 2000.

The colorful Bird stamps printed in Switzerland were overprinted by KDPN to honor the Baleksetung Stamp Exhibition.

The Housing Year stamps of 1987 were designed by Murray Menzies, and printed with the KDPN's Heidelberg platen press.

One of the first definitive stamps of the ICIS (1988), printed in four colors on the KDPN's Heidelberg platen press.   KDPN has printed stamps for Liegerland since that land became independent.  KDPN has printed several stamps for Muggy.  Click this stamp to view more.   The KDPN has printed stamps for Raoul Island since 1991.  Stamps for the Occussi-Ambeno colony of West Vinland were regularly printed by KDPN.

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