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Some stamps from the
Land of Muggy


a set of two stamps.



    The Imperial Government Printing Office of the Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno was commissioned to print stamps for the Land of Muggy.

    The stamps, shown here, were all printed with an English-made Adana, an excellent machine for letterpress printing. Apart from the first stamp, the fluorescent-pink 7 essra, which was printed on mat paper with invisible gum and perf 12, the other stamps shown here were all printed on white gloss art paper and perf 12.

    The stamps were all designed by Mr Geoff Weston, artist and viticulturist of Muggy.

    To view the Land of Muggy's official web site, please click here.



Muggy's first stamp, the 7 essra
printed in fluorescent pink.


Map Society issue, 5 essra carmine.

Historical Society issue, 7 essra,
showing the magnificent Bezite Gate.


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