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Sultanate of Occussi-AmbenoOccussi-Ambeno High Commission for Refugees

Refugee? To register as a Refugee, click here.

The colorful ships and birds of 1977 were overprinted to celebrate Year of the Child in 1979.

The first full-color digital print stamp we did was this orchid, to mark Year of the Dragon.  Convenient miniature sheets were also printed.

This stamp was issued by Edelweiss in 1989 to celebrate the World Starcross Championships.  Click this stamp for more info on the game STARCROSS, including details of how to play.

Your sympathy cannot help a refugee.

But it is a beginning.

OAHCR is the Office of the Occussi-Ambeno High Commission for Refugees.
Our job is to co-ordinate the galaxy-wide efforts to solve refugee problems.
To give the rights of people back to refugees. The right to education, housing. Freedom of or from religion. Identity papers. Travel documents. Legal protection.
You can show your solidarity with people in need by supporting the voluntary refugee organisations on your planet.

They don't ask your help to support refugees forever and ever.
They need your help to make refugees

And you can do more than you realise to change inequitable social systems, which through war, racism, and geriatrarchy, cause the refugee problems in the first place.
Help refugees live a useful, peaceful and happy life somewhere in the galaxy. Just as you do.

Occussi-Ambeno High Commission for Refugees

Register as a Refugee

Other websites you may find helpful:
International Council of Independent States
United Nations
General Postal Treaty Organisation


Heroes of Ecology were honored in 2000, and this stamp shows Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Junior Police Dog DENNIS was depicted on this stamp to mark the ICIS Police Conference in 2000.

The colorful Bird stamps printed in Switzerland were overprinted by KDPN to honor the Baleksetung Stamp Exhibition.

The Housing Year stamps of 1987 were designed by Murray Menzies, and printed with the KDPN's Heidelberg platen press.