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This page will have drawings by me that are done in pen and ink, obviously. If you couldn't figure that out by the title, you need help, really.

E-House logo for college
Sydney Losstarot from Vagrant Story, heehee, looks like a girl, kinda...
Vivi!!! From Final Fantasy 9
Eiko!!! From Final Fantasy 9
This is Chrissie's rendition of me only in a different pose, I drew this one myself, too
This is my buddy Will. I think he had wanted me to draw him as a wolf before, but this is how I see him as an animal. A lion, not a wolf. This is also one of the few drawings totally from my head that actually turned out well. THANKS WILL!
I drew this thinking of a good friend in Ohio. This ones for you, Linds!
Saiko and Lavender and Veronica and Satan, from the Saiko and Lavender comics!
Just a doodle I started in Health class one day, then decided to do in pen!
A girl I named Rabi, I drew her in Physics and finished her at home.

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All this stuff on here is MINE unless otherwise noted. Steal it and I'll beat you, I swear I will!

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