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Why do Americans call them Coloured Pencils? They're Pencil Crayons you dumbasses, get it right! Geez...anyways, these are pics that I've done using PENCIL CRAYONS, so HA!

Once again I got bored at school...

I got bored at school again...

I get bored A LOT at school...

I had to do a project for English, which is to make a comic for a chapter of Lord of the Flies, and here is the cover.

I think this guy is from a video game, I'm not sure, but he looks meaaaaan.

My newest creation, a little dragon I named Draco. Idn't he cooottt?

A doodle of a sun that I did for art class then found out I couldn't use, I still like it!

This is Link AFTER the 7 year sleep, or however long it was. I think he looks a little like Nick Carter. Please don't beat me for that...

This is Link BEFORE the 7 year sleep. What a cutieeee

This is Princess Zelda. Those AREN'T saggy boobs, thats her dress, CHRISSIE!

Kaepora Gaebora, the owl from Ocarina of Time, in case you didn't know where he was from.

I THINK this is sposed to be Gohan. I drew it before I started watching the show, so don't yell at me because it sucks!

Just a sorcerer doodle I did once. Those little thingies around him are dragons, small ones.

Sailor Mercury, ooooold drawing!

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