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These are all just doodles I've done sometime or another. Mostly just sketches that never got coloured. Hope you like em.

Pinkies out!!

Kinda my dream guy, I guess

Thats Jamie's nickname, I'm not finished it yet though!

I drew her today in Psych cuz Psych is really boring. She coo.

A Unicorn prelim sketch for my metamorphasis project.

Some kitties that my Grandma made, gave to me, and I sketched! Preeeety kitties!

A character from Vagrant Story, Ashley Riot. Haha, he has a girl's name! I don't think this one is even finished.

This is what started the devil picture on my pen and ink page, a doodle in Health class. The only good thing I got out of that class, I think!

My very first drawing! Isn't it adorable?

Sailor Moon, just a quick little sketch.

Sailor Venus, I think, and some other girl. Thats either coffee or Coke I spilt on it, sorry. I drew it one day while I was skipping Gym.

This isn't really a doodle, I used charcoal. I have her framed on my shelf. Shes just some chick from an anime.

I got bored one day and I decided to draw this doll because I loved her hair.

I little sketch of me and Will. I KNOW we don't have mouthes...I can't draw them very well, so deal with it!

Some chick I drew in Physics, I do a lot of doodling in that class, cuz its pretty boring

This guy is modeled after one of the guys on my bus,I guess hes kinda cute, IRL, but hes an asshole.

Heh, a cracker-thug, hes thinking about a song by Tupac, the theme song of Dublin guys

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