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I'm 21, that explains a lot...I like to sleep, I like to eat, I like to do what I want when I want where I want. I can finally drink legally and....its not that great, haha. But I still love going out to the bars and having fun with my friends and/or boyfriend. I don't like school, mostly because IUP sucks, but I'm studying to be an elementary school teacher, which is actually really cool (and a lot harder than most of you think).
I'm not gonna give you a bunch of bullshit about how I like to express myself and stuff like that. I DO find relief and freedom in my drawing, but you don't really care about that, so why talk about it?
Most of the drawings on my pages are anime or something close. I can't draw REAL people. Frankly, I suck at it. So I draw this stuff, I like it. If you don't, leave my webpage, NOW!
I'm a sophomore at IUP right now, and I hate it, haha, but whatever. I hate friday classes, too. I don't hate my friends, they're cool and they're always there for me. Go visit their pages, they're on my links page. Lindsay and Chrissie. If you want to harass them I'll sell you their address for only 5 dollars! 8 for both! Just send me the money in the mail and I'll get RIGHT on it, scout's honour.
I have a sister and a mom and a dad and 2 cats, but this page is about ME, not them! My favourite colour right now is black, my favourite food is salad, I don't have a favourite TV show. My favourite movie is Full Metal Jacket, I demand that you rent it and watch it until you've memorized most of the lines, like I have ("My poontang!")
Ok...I'm going now...


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