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Feb 14 2000
A repeated question - how can i use my PINNACLE CARD - to edit in premiere - Digitize and load the clips using your Pinnical editing capture program - open premiere - and look for the clips, in your files - they will be AVI files - import them and edit in Premiere - save your edited video - and play back out of the computer again using the Pinnacle editing program - Think AVI files.

Jan 26 2000
This is the newest upgrade for premiere.
ADOBE PRIEMIER 6.0 The essential tool for professional digital video editing Adobe® Premiere® 6.0, a stunningly simple and powerful professional video editing tool, comfortably closes the DV to Web gap while extending the award-winning software's position as the most accessible application on the market today. With new support for DV on the Windows platform and cross-platform support for all of the leading Web video formats,

The tracking software tells me there are more people accessing this site looking for Premiere information than almost any other single reason. I am currently checking all of the links here to update and to be sure they all work for you.
You can help by hitting the feedback button and sending me any sites you think I should add here.
By way of information, the PEG facility bought a dual processor pentium 700hrtz platform, raid, lots of memory - 4 months ago - at this point they have yet to make it work consistantly. The system freezes up regulary. Many calls have been made to adobe and updates and fixes dl. So if you are having problems you are not the only one.

I went through the links and deleted all that didnt work - lol - quite a few - you want me to post another one here - send it!

This page will contain a series of links - for tutorials, discussion groups, software, downloads, and troubleshooting.

ADOBE is one of the oldest, video editing programs, this fact gives Adobe a unique position in the community of video editing programs. The first and one of the best distinctions, is - Adobe - is a pure software program, designed for the individual rather than one specific hardware card or computer configuration. Their release is now up to 5.1(and sub developments, this means (it seems like), every few months since the program was developed, it has improved its programming. The users have available the Beta Test upgrades, and the combined efforts of the public and the programmers have now created an exceptionally good editing package.

Another unique fact, is the Adobe Premiere package of software, includes PhotoShop, a desktop publishing package and additional programs, these programs are designed to be compatible with each other. Computability with it sister programs, and computability with subsidiary developers have created a number of add-on and plugin programs, these additional features adds FLEXIABILITYand a larger number of choices. Choices, in this computer realm enhances creativity. Visit the first link below to view contemporary work.

Adobe Reliability is built from years of development, your own computer will present more problems for you than the software. COMPUTER PROBLEMS, in one case, stems from the fact that, there are so many different computer builders and, thousands of motherboards, chipsets, CPU's, cards, and hard-drives. A computer is the sum of those components, and because of variability of the components, there are many different computers. Each combination of parts is a different configuration of software and hardware settings. One can almost say each computer is a unique individual. So consider it remarkable that Adobe works so well on so many different machines.

We have available on the market two types of computer, The PC platform, and the APPLE platform. Adobe writes software for both platforms. The PC and the APPLE, have both evolved to super computer desktop status, and the improvements just keep coming. The prices keep dropping in both platforms.

Now we come to the part of which is the best platform PC OR APPLE. he said, "I have heard arguments on that one", 'laughs'.
Why are there arguments?
The graphic, publishing, and artistic community adopted the graphic art and the photographic capabilities of the computer from the first: and the technical and business people adopted the PC platform as well as the Government and Military.
The APPLE has fallen behind the PC platform in numbers of computers produced rapidly. Today Apple may gain on the PC, because this year '2000' is selling a 'Firewire - ieee1394' computer. This feature has enabled video editing in the APPLE. We can assume the Apple will exhibit the same reliability with video as it has performed in the past.

The PC is expandable, has many, many programs written for it, thousands of interchangeable parts exist for all of the individual components. Can be configured for specific tasks and lots of people own them. The all basically run on the MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEM. Yes there are other operating systems for the PC, Linux being one of the best, yet there are many others. But Adobe doesn't yet have a program, which can run on all of them.(to my knowledge)-(Nor does any one else). So accept Apple and (PC),Microsoft as our best present choice.

How does the word reliability come into the discussion, -- well -- The PC crashes more than the Apple. You have to weigh many factors in the purchase.

FINALLY - NORMALY ONCE YOU GET A COMPUTER CONFIGURED CORRECTLY TO WORK FOR ONE PURPOSE IT WILL RUN FOR MUCH LONGER. When you are constantly changing programs and parts they crash more often.

I recommend you purchase the CD for ADOBE PREMIERE, if you want to use it. Because, a purchased program from Adobe will support you, and include you in the upgrades. The downloads and cracks which you can find on the internet may not work, or will be corrupt. The best reason though is, eventually when your computer crashes, if you own the CD you will be able to rebuild and go back to work. This is an un-ordered list of links - I searched through a number of search engines to find these for you - please email if you have a tip - link - or suggestion. (plans - links to be sorted orderd and placed in pull-down menus)

View the product of other Adobe Software

State of the art experimental Adobe high-bandwith site. This site is constructed useing all Adobe software. Although this page is devoted to you education with Adobe Premiere, Adobe has other excellent graphics software. You can judge yourself by going to the linked site. The site has optional portals for both low and high bandwith surfers. The point here is to expose you to the potental of both Adobe and the internet.

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This Adobe site contains links to articles in their Technical Support Database
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