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Eureka Access & The PEG System


What is Public Access Televison?

Public Access Television is a provision, made law by the federal government which allows the public to appear live or taped, or have their video productions aired/cablecast on their local cable system. This provision came about when cable television was begun because of the realization that the public had no way to express themselfs on the broadcast mediums. Public Access Television is a means of preserving free speech, and it can be compaired to the soap-box in the park. Consequently the goverment enacted provisions to set aside 3 channels on the local cable systems for the use of 1. the general public, 2 the local educational system, and 3 the local government.
     Eureka Springs, has the government channel (channel 31) but has never requested the other two arms of the PEG (public, educational, government) system. Presently the City of Eureka Springs is studying how to write the initative to create this.
    Through the efforts of a number of local Eureka residents, a 501c3 non-profit charter has been created to serve as the local adninistrators for the public access station, should the city decide to "contract" with them to administrate the channel.


1. Board of Directors, and volunteer staff
2. Office Space, for the housing of the cablecast equipment
3. Cablecast & office equipment
    a. modulator for access to the cable
    b. lectronic switcher
    c. 8 vhs vcrs
    d. monitor
    e. message board computer
    f office computer, printer,
    g. file cabnet, shelving, equipment rack
    h. table / desk     i. telephone / internet provider (cable preferably)     

From this start the Access Station can grow into a facility. With a fully developed facilty the community will have, equipment to check out and use, editing rooms, video studio, and an audio studio.
I cannot project a cost for all of the above equipment, however I hope that individuals in the community will donate equipment such as cameras, tripods, audio boards, microphones, lighting fixtures and (on and on). Much of the wquipment will be available over ebay. Yet some should be purchased new.

Basic Operation

     With the above starting base of equipment the access facility will only be able to play the tapes produced in the community.
    The minimal base above will create the venu for the play of community created programing. This programming will be limited because of the lack of an editing facility. However, the community will be able to create programming by three methods. 1. use incamera editing. In-camera editing, is careful and precise shooting to the video itself, this is extremly difficult to produce. 2. Is home editing using either two vcrs or the camera and a vcr to create 'cuts-only editing for the program. 3 Is the documentary program, this will fall into one of two catagories - one would be a lecture, sermon, or presentation which is taped continiously and the camera is never turned off. The second is a documentary of an entire event with a number of individual shots of the various activities which occur.
     The actual operation of the station on this minimal start will cause is to operate with short hours of operation. The manned hours will allow the community to submit tapes for play, and the volunteers will time the tapes exactly, and program them for play on the channel.





Created on ... January 11, 2002