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      If you are a professional teacher, let me start here by explaining that I am simply a self educated person. This page is provided for people who have little or no training and yet wish to teach in the best manner possible. I sincely hope the professional teacher will also find sources here, which will benefit them as well. This site is a continually growing exercise, I would be pleased if you offered suggestions, and links to expand the information base here.

Community Access Television, non-profit 510c3, access providers, have organizational and managerial problems, because of the conflict of the artistic temperment and the need of solid managerial skills. For this reason I am including this link at the beginning of the manuals page.
Improving Managment in Non-Profits and Part 2 offers solutions Jim Britell offers "Grassroots Consulting Services" you may be interested in reading his entire site.Jim Britell - home-page
You may be able to identify with the problem of the artistic temprement, and the fact that that is but one of various temperments which we all must cope with in the course of helping create our realites.


Ohio State - Teaching Handbook for instructors This manual is absolutely necessary if you are going to teach. Education is an Art and a Science, rules and techniques exist which may never occur to you. This manual is indepth - comprehensive and by reading all of the chapters you will have tools which will enable you to successfully teach your students. If you have been drafted to teach your skill and have never formaly conducted a class this manual is essental for you.

Ethics in Education This paper will discuss the role of universities in inculcating a culture of ethics as a prelude to the integration of ethics into the business curriculum. In the author's opinion this requires an analysis of the following variables: the business school as a social system, power and micro-politics, culture, and leadership and cultural change. The Business School as a Social System
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Teaching Online: Techniques & Methods By Martin Kimeldorf -

Western Pennsylvania - Television and Video Teachers Consortium, This site will give you many educational links and a wide variety of video, radio, film and historical links.

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