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Technology makes amazing advances daily and in spite of my best efforts I have a difficult time keeping current with all of the new inventions. Please email me if you have a site which you feel belongs linked to this page.

I put this link at the top of the page because it is another gateway links page, ePanorama, has thousands of technical electronic links on many pages, the following page has approx 200 tech video articles/links
Video Production Technology Page, ePanaorama, this page will give you an indepth series of studys/links on the technical aspect of production technology, cameras, lens, and much much more. You should access the index page and study the comprehensive nature of this site.

. On this page, you can find links to technical support information provided directly from the manufacturer's website

Babylon 3.1is an interactive program that provides you with instant information at a click in any Windows Application. Search with Babylon and get precise information in your fields of interest from a large database of commercial and professional glossaries

Video Technology Page - glossarys and various links

Camcorder Imaging Techniques - A camcorder can only be used with a telescope in afocal eyepiece projection mode for the simple reason that the optics cannot be removed from the camcorder.

Video Chart: Multimedia Toolbench This comparison table covers four major categories of digital video software tools.... (this page has numerous links and resources)


Re: extent size limitation on NTMessage board thread on the subject of file size limitation using the windows NT operating system.

There are not that many books written that clearly lay out the world of patents for non legal people. Mostly these are written by patent attorneys or other patent professionals. The book "Patent it Yourself" is the worlds best selling book on patents. It is a well-written book however it has a certain slant. It focuses on how to write up your own patent. "Understanding Patents" is written from the perspective of a development consultant. I have been developing new products for over 20 years

patent, copyrights, trademarks definedHow Patents Differ from Copyrights and Trademarks While it is possible to invent definitions that draw clear lines between the three major types of intellectual property protection (patent, copyright and trademark), there are complications when it comes to certain innovative and artistic designs. In some cases........

NANOTECHwhere science will take us. Nanotechnology will minaturize the electronics. How small and how powerful can a computer be? This area is one of the more exciting developments of our age.

Time-Domain is the new direction for all communications. This company has developed technology, in the form of a chip and card which allow for the all digital transmission of both Video and Audio signals. This single invention will give the world unlimited radio and televison transmission bands. This signal is very low power with one-watt of power able to transmit coast to coast. The signal is also completely private, meaning no one can intercept or listen into it. The transmitter and recievers are matched digitaly for a one to one transmission and reception.

For video, this technology will allow a cameraman to carry a lightweight transmitter / reciever which will allow two-way reception of the video and audio when shooting multicamera events. Means no more cables between the control room and the camera-operator. For the average person it should create a digital communication, which is almost free, digital phones which can carry video and audio incredable distances, with low power, you will just have to know the exact encodeing of anothers reciever.

Computer and Communication Industry Association CCIA is an international, nonprofit association of computer and communications firms as represented by their most senior executives. Small, medium and large in size, CCIA's members include equipment manufacturers, software developers, telecommunications and on-line service providers, re-sellers, systems integrators, third-party vendors and other related business ventures. Our member companies employ almost one million workers and generate annual revenues in excess of $300 billion. It is this dynamic group of senior executives that focuses on issues of strategic importance to our industry and works for our best interests.

Created on ... January 06, 2002