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This page contains, an assortment of sites for information you can use to repair or build a computer. The first link for example deals with using 'windows NT' operating system.

At this time the 'Pentium Pro' 200mhz servers are being phased out of existance and replaced. This computer has one of the most reliable chips produced, it was created as a 'mission critical' piece of equipment, and has been used as the basic server computer also because it is worry free and reliable.
With and add on chip the speed can be boosted to 333 mhz and include the MMX technology which you need for various graphic and games applications
The computer sells for less than 200$ today, my primary purpose in writing about this computer, is to recommend that this would serve as an excellent back-up machine in case of a crash on your primary.
Contrary to popular opinion you do not need a computer faster than 200 mhz for the internet or office application. You can find the pentium pro servers and the upgrade chip by going to EBAY.

Re: extent size limitation on NTMessage board thread on the subject of file size limitation using the windows NT operating system.

If your system gets so messed up some day that you have to reformat or reinstall windows you will need all of your drivers to get everything to work again. If you computer is completely off line you can go to any online computer, 'a friends, the library' and go to this site. You may some day be in the position where you have to re-install everything on your computer, and you cant find any of the installation disks. You may not even know who made the cards.
This page has a number of methods for searching, alpabetical by company, catagory by type of product. When you have no idea who made the card or what it is, you can look on the card, and you will find the FCC # - windrivers has a section for you to put this ID number for the search, as well as BABT # for the UK.
You can download the driver to floppy disks, of course label and put them in a collection. I use zip-lock bags to keep all the current driver disks and CD's organized.

The following sites are download sites for various dll, vxd, and oxc files
ONE - dll archive,
TWO - computing net vxd files,
THREE - .drv .vxd -goto systemfile center,
FOUR - a site in Denmark for sys files
FIVE - this is a good reference - 95/98/ME/2000 files and links,

TTKK Arkkitehtuurin osasto / AML / Video Links / ... Guides, Glossaries and information pages. ... Fast Computer Testers for Video Editing; Nokia Monitor Tester, works with all monitors; Sony Data Projection ...

911 My Computer I am a New Computer Owner and User. I need HELP with my Computer and I need it NOW !!! Tecnical Support Specialists standing by 24 hours, 7 days a week to work with you live Online and assist with your Computer problem. you must pay for this service.

Online Computer Help Discover computer training that is easy, quick, convenient, and affordable. Download a course today. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Help-Site Computer Manuals - Main Index Browse through a directory of and follow links to computer and Internet manuals. Topics include networks, PC and Mac OS, programming, and Unix.

FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing is a searchable dictionary of terms from computing and related fields.

NCSTRL Home Page NCSTRL Home Page Searchable, international collection of technical reports from computer science departments and industrial and government research laboratories.

AppleCare Service & Support [USA] Mecca for Mac, Apple and Newton users. Includes discussion forums featuring input from Apple engineers.

Finding Computer Technical Support and Help Desks Troubleshoot and solve computer problems or bugs online with these helpful sites.

Huggs Computer Help Desk ((Companies and organizations)) ((Humor)) ((On-line magazines)) ((Newsgroups)) ((Reference materials)) ((Internet search-engines)) ((Software archives and selections)) Clinking

Computer Help - Technical Support - Computer Assistance 1500 page site run by a professional technical support in Times Square, NYC. It includes, FAQ's, links, missing system files, and access to the companies support services including

Free Computer Help Online Offered by PC Hintz PC Hintz:free computer help with fast response to all computer and internet questions

HelpDesk HelpDesk . Com - A list of help desk software and solutions A list of help desk software and links to help you automate your helpdesk.

HelpOnThe.Net: Tech Support Guy - free help for Microsoft Wi Tech Support Guy offers free support for users of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, and just about anyone else! Under Construction For information on our services please call 954-935-0821

CDSpace, this software product will allow you to create up to 23 virtual CD drives on your hardrive. This will allow you to copy a CD to the hardrive and never have to load it again. Game players and some application users will really appricate this. Also it will save on the wear and tear on your CD's.

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