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There is a two-volume set of manga available. It's written from Aoi's point of view, so we see scenes from her eyes, and also little things that weren't in the anime. The first volume is out in America, published by ComicsOne. Unfortunately, this company had to stop publishing, but many of their works were taken up by another company, DrMaster Books. So the second volume was released by this new company, and is most easily found at Waldenbooks in the US. It is recommended for ages 13 up.

Volume 1 Volume 2
Story by Yatate Hajime
Construction by Kuroda Yosuke
Written/Drawn by Kurihashi Shinsuke
ISBN Volume 1- 1-58899-008-7
ISBN Volume 2- 1-58899-228-4

The DVDs of the series are available in Japan, for Japanese/Region 1 DVD players, as well as the Ryvius 'Light' set. Infinite Dreams Black Ryvius has scans of the Japanese covers.
The American release used some of the Japanese covers, so that will give you an idea of what to look for here, too. The entire series has been released by Bandai. For further details until I can finish this section, check out the official American page.
There are also Hong Kong sets available on e-bay which are compatible with North American players. I must caution that these often have terrible English, and if you can, the domestic DVDs really are worth the cost (if only for Ryvius Illusion!).

Following is two photos of the American release DVDs. The colors stink because it was a cheap camera (no adjusting the flash), but you can see what's available. I spread out the entire thing on my library floor and took pictures. You can see the slipcase that came with the special edition of Volume 1, the extra mini-shitajiki of the DVD covers, including the ones made for the Japanese DVDs that were not used here (US had more eps per disc, about four, where the Japanese discs only had two or three),and Volume 1 opened so you can see the disc. Also chillin' is the Rafra plushie included with the special box set.
DVD pic 1 DVD pic 2
Rafra normally lives on the bookshelf next to a mini-Cthulu beanie, not on the floor like that, I assure you. No plushie abuse here! He and Mini-thulu get along quite well.

Lots of Cds! There are the soundtracks, drama CDs and a couple extras. Most are out of production now, I think, but Ryvius stuff has always been hard to find, so maybe I'm wrong. I've listed the number-thingies to assist ordering or whatever.

iR OST1"dis- Over the Dream"
Mica Arisaka
CD single
Theme single, includes full and TV versions of OP "dis" and ED "Yume o Sugite mo." This one is one of those cute little 8cm mini-CDs, and contains only those four tracks. However, it's worth it for the collector, as this is the only CD with the TV-size themes on it.

iR OST1Original Soundtrack 1
Katsuhisa Hattori and M.I.D.
Background music.
This is the first CD I bought. The background music is pretty decent, a mix of regular instrumentals and more hip-hop mixed instrumentals. My personal favorite is "Easy Living". But probably the best parts are the full versions of "dis-" and "Yume o Sugitemo", plus the English version of "dis-" and a remix of "Yume" that's pretty neat. Also has karaoke versions.

iR OST2Original Soundtrack 2 Katsuhisa Hattori
Katsuhisa Hattori
Background music, with two mixes by M.I.D. If you're into the BGM, this is a must to compliment OST1. Otherwise, it may not be your thing. Includes the vocal tracks "Toge" and "Yume o Sugitemo", both performed by Mica Arisaka.

iR OST3Original Soundtrack 3 M.I.D.
Hip-hop album with Banbaato and Smooth Bee. This is more of a tribute album, with remixes of BGMs and new versions of vocal tracks. It has a nice version of "Aoi Tori no Yukue", and two remixes of the English "dis-". The Songbird Mix is especially nice. Other this-disc-only vocal tracks include "Blue Wreckage", "The Nephilims", and several others. This is a must-have album for R&B/hip-hop fans.

Sound Edition 1 Sere 6.350 "Nichijou no Hinetsu"
("the second journey" -or- "daily journal")
Drama CD 1
First drama collection, introduces original character Natalie.

Sound Edition 2 Ryvius no Kakera
("pieces of ryvius")
Drama CD 2

Sound Edition 3 Ashita no Mae ni
("before tomorrow")
Drama CD 3

"dis-" English version
Mica Arisaka
English and R&B versions of 'dis-', plus eyecatch music.

Over the DreamOver the Dream
Mica Arisaka
Mini vocal album. Includes two version of "Toge" and one each of "dis-", "Aoi Tori no Yukue", and "Yume o Sugitemo", as well as the "Over the Dream/Amazing Grace" mix, which is great. Short, but Mica's gorgeous voice makes it very sweet.

12-inch analog record

ashita karaAshita Kara
("from tomorrow")
Character Song Collection Album
Image tracks by Yuki, Kouji and Ikumi, Aoi, Kozue, Juli, and Heigar and Blue.
I bought this one a long while ago. It's... amusing. I posted an entry about it in my blog, if you'd like to read my reviews by song. (The reviews are after the pictures. Which don't work anymore. I'll post the review here when I get a moment.).

Smile Again
The new ending theme (I believe for the 'Light' DVDs). This is a single by the price (1,050 yen).
2226 is the voice actors of Kouzi, Yuki, Ikumi, Aoi, Fina, Jili, Blue, and Lucson.

These are the artbooks that I know of. Unfortunately, they cover the same materials, since there was only so much of Ryvius released. The ones for magazines have the art that was used for articles in the magazine, so that is interesting, but alot of the character and mech designs are repeated. If you're a fan, collect them all, otherwise choose only one.

Drawing Tomorrow coverNewtype 100% Collection
infinite Ryvius Drawing Tomorrow
C0076 1500
This book would be for people interested in merchandising treatment or the article images from Newtype. Or X(X1999) fans who think it would be amusing to own a book published by Seiichiro Aoki. Anyways, I'm fond of this one, and it definitely has some classic Ryvius spreads. Plus the timeline is very helpful.

Roman Album coverinfinite Ryvius Roman Album
C9476 1524
This is probably my favorite- it's certainly the one I use most for the site! It has an episode-by-episode synopsis, an 'Encyclopedia of Ryvius', and an interview with some of the voice actors. And some nice images from Animage magazine.

Gakken MookAnimedia Gakken Mook
Infinite Ryvius: Lucson's Navigation Journal
C9479 1700
This is a good one for people who like more character stuff. It's set up sort of like it's from Lucson's book, and has lots of things about the characters- the Character Correlation chart is especially useful for figuring out their relationships. Plus the image of the Ryvius on the back is gorgeous.

Newtype Filmbook Mugen no Ryvius- Jyou
I assume that there is a part one of this, since the one I have is marked with the kanji for "down". That normally means that it is the second of two. Therefore, there must be a first of two. Running with that assumption, this would cover episodes 1 thru 12.
The filmbooks are small, tankoubon-sized books much like the larger artbooks.

newtype filmbook 2Newtype Filmbook Mugen no Ryvius- Ka
The second Newtype Filmbook, covers episodes 13 thru 26 of the series.
I like this one. It's very well organized, although after the other books, there's not alot that's new.

I only know of two models. One of the Ryvius and one of Neya. Unfortunately I own neither at the moment. Following is a scan of the Neya from Newtype.

I believe this is a resin garage kit, which I normally don't do. I'm a 1/100 scale pre- colored snap-together plastic Gundam model type of girl! (btw. Ryvius was done by Sunrise, who make Gundam. I am somehow surprised there weren't more mech models. Although I don't think they went all out with the Gasaraki stuff.....)

Shitajiki are plastic 'pencil boards' that you can put between the pages of a notebook or under papers so you don't get those annoying pressed-in letters on the next page. A lot of people just collect them for the nice artwork, however.
I own three Ryvius pencil boards, and haven't been able to find any others so far, although I have a feeling there's at least one more...

Neya pencil board the boys the girls

Random Stuff
A Rafra doll! Get your own fuzzy ferret. (red vest included!)