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fwl --neon blue--

Dates arranges the American way, silly as it is. It's what I grew up with. Month-Day-Year.

8-17-08: It's been awhile! Real Life and Work got in the way for a bit. Then I was working on the stupid screencaps (which are taking forever; god forbid I do anything the easy way). Then I got into Katekyou Hitman Reborn about a month ago and totally marathonned 200 manga chapters and 90 episodes. It was like a flashback to getting into Naruto when most of the first series was done ^^;;;
Anyways, the update for today is episode synopses for Seres 16 & 17. Screencaps are in the Photobucket up to Sere 22, and there's some slashy drabbles in my writing livejournal.

8-20-06: Added transcriptions of Over the Dream ~amazing grace and The Nephilims and tweaked some older songs in Translations and uploaded the episode synopsis for Sere 15.

8-4-06: Links to Sere 11-16 screencaps are on the Synopsis page. Added some images, ISBNs, and some commentary to the Merchadise page. Also, I don't think I mentioned, but fanworks pages are on hold until I finish the Ep Synopses. I'm trying to prioritize, but I'm so sloooooowwwww...

7-1-06, later: Uploaded the Timeline page and tweaked versions of Characters In Depth and Relationships. I'm planning on some scanning this evening, so hopefully I'll have more images for the Merchandise page eventually.

7-1-06, very very early: Uploaded the new character page, with some extended blurbs and pictures of EVERYONE on the page. It's a beast. Plus I uploaded the screencaps from Sere 11 & 12. They're not linked off the pages yet, but they're up.

6-30-06: We're up to Sere 6-14 in the episode synopses, and Sere 1-10 in the screencaps!

6-29-06: Added Sere 7 & 8 screencaps to the Yahoo photos. Links are also on the Synopsis and individual Sere pages.

6-3-06: Very brief addition to the individual Voice Actor pages: Andrew Francis (Blue), Gabe Khouth (Akihiro), Joscelyn Loewen (Kozue), and Aikawa Rikako (Faina).

4-5-06: Added links to Sere 5 & 6 screencaps on Synopsis page. Made some corrections to Japanese voice actor page. Will hopefully get off my duff and finish those projects. Have been thinking about a forum a lot lately, but fear I will leave it alone for months at a time. Need more time to contemplate on that one. May speak in complete sentences some time in the future ^_^

1-25-06: Added links to screencaps of Sere 1-4 on the Synopsis page.

1-24-06: I apologize for the lack of updates when I should have been having a five-year-anniversary celebration. Let's just say that 2005 was my worst year ever, and not talk about it ever again.
Episode synopses have finally been started, and I'm slowly adding voice actor pages for both English and Japanese. Also, I'm working on screencaps from the episodes; these will most likely be housed at my Yahoo photos, to save room here. I take on average 60-150 caps per episode, so even if I did have the space, I probably wouldn't want to do the coding ^^;;;

2-3-05: Rearranged the Downloads. I ran out of room, so they all came to rest here. ^_^;;;
I have a list of things to do, but I'm trying to finish writing a book, so a lot of things I'd like to work on have taken a back seat.

10-5-04: I just realized the other day while preparing an update that the ads on the page are interfering with the information on them. This is due to the CSS layout. I tweaked the layout to be made mostly of tables, which should alleviate the problem until I can come to a decision about paying for webspace (I'm broke. Very broke. But who isn't these days, huh?).
Once the tweaked layout is up, some pages will have little bits of extra information, especially the character and relationship pages, which have lots of new little tidbits and such. Also in the update will by an actual COMPLETED translation of the full version of dis-, and lyrics to Blue Wreckage from OST3, as well as the American cast page. Gifts has been combined with Fanart, and Fanart has been slightly reorganized.

1-26-2004: Happy New Year! Anyways, today the new page Gifts is up. Check it out to see the presents I've received from visitors! Thank you so so so so soooooo much, Shayla, for being the first to send me fanart! It was like an early birthday present!!! (my birthday is February 10th, for those who care. I'll be 25 @.@ )
Soon, I hope to have a review of the American boxed set for volume one, as well an English dub cast list, and another chapter of the AU vampire fic. I also have to work on the other sites. My poor Gentatsu shrine is neglected....

10-20-2003: Ryvius is being released in the USA tomorrow, and to celebrate, a new layout. Not the one I was doing in January, but one I worked on last month. Unfortunately, I don't think there's new content except for more chapters of Sacrificial Doll, but things have been tweaked to sound better and be more coherent.

1-7-2003: Decided to screw the new layout for now, so I did the update I should have done yesterday. 4 new fanarts, 3 of Neya which I could have sworn I'd put up already but didn't, and one of Maya. Link to the first chapter of an AU Ikukou fic on Changed my email address- all email links should direct you to my hotmail address. Added click request guidelines. And added three new wallpapers by other people in Downloads, with links to their sites (they're MUCH better than I am. Go visit them!). Also added the episode synopsis page, but all that's on there are the ep titles because I haven't gotten to the synopsis part yet.

1-6-2003: Uploaded the new Merchandise page, with extra information and images. However, I decided in the middle of that to make a new layout, so updates will be on hold for a week (or two, or a couple days- it depends on how fast I work) until that is finished. Not that I have any other updates ready... I'll work on that too.

8-2-2002: Fixed some broken links and uploaded some missing files. Almost everything works now. Pages of doubious functionality are in the Spoilers and Omake sections, because I got booted offline while fixing something in one of those, but most of it works.

7-17-2002: Finally remembered to link the main page from the splash page. I can't believe I didn't notice that before. Everyone who feels really stupid, raise your hand! (That would be me.)
Anyways, I also moved the counter (Didn't reset it, though. Is that right?! Wow...). Plus I added this Updates page. I'm going to go check some of the files, make sure they're all there. Well, now we're back in business!