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fwl --neon blue--


Infinite Ryvius
Official page for Bandai's English adaptation *site requires Flash to view*

Infinite Dreams, Black Ryvius
English-language fansite. Make sure you check this one out, too!

yume wo sugitemo -Ryvius Fanlisting-yume wo sugitemo -Ryvius Fanlisting-
A listing for Ryvius fans! Show your support and join!

Japanese language:
Cogito Ergo Sum
This is probably my favorite Japanese Ryva-fansite ^_^ Subuta does some beautiful CGs, and has some fic to keep you busy as well. *some yaoi*

This is so cute!

Mugen no Ryvius
fanfiction page- has chara bios too *yaoi warning*

Ryvius Boys Ring
japanese ryvius webring

Yuki/Ikumi page *yaoi warning*

RoBot DataBase
a database of mech shows!

Spanish Language
Intensive Ryvius
True to it's name! Site in Spanish. *currently lost...*

English Language:

ryvius lyrics

Anime/Manga Showcase (November 2000)
has a collage (Lord of the Flies goes to space!! *snicker*)

Goddess Cosplay
in the works, but soon to have Neya cosplay!

Review Pages (english):
The Iceman's Domain
Shoujo & General
EX Anime
Point Blank Anime Reviews
Rossman Reviews and Ratings (because not all reviews are good)
Starship Modeler (review of the Kuro no Ryvius model kit from Aoshima)

Merchandise (english):
Drooling Animefan Sales
Splash Page Comics & Toys
Anime USA Express
Filia's Fansubs
Robert's Anime Corner Store

Hobby Link Japan
has the ryvius models- companies-> Aoshima-> Sc-fi ->Ryvius

US Anime
(series list- Infinite Ryvius)



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