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Created by Sunrise, the King of Giant Robot Producers, Ryvius was overshadowed by other series that came out at about the same time, but remains a moving epic about people, lost and found in events beyond their control.

Here, I hope to have a comprehensive informational site, with a dictionary of terms, character info, and anything else you would need to know. As you can see, I'm still working on parts... Input, info, and donations (of fanstuff and help) would be gratefully accepted!

A gift from The Abh Nation, our new affiliate! Thank you so much, Maiku, for taking the time to send this to me.
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***** Available in the US *****
The release date was 10-21-2003. There is a limited edition boxed set that includes a collector's box, 4 pencilboards, the DVD, and a Rafra plushie. Total running time on the DVD is 125 minutes (5 eps), and is recommended for ages 13 up.
More information can be found at the official site, Or on the Merchandise page if that site isn't working.

Last updated this Last Updated: 08-17-08: Added Sere 16 & 17 to Ep Synopses and added up to Sere 22 in my Photobucket.

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