Ch 11: Affairs of the Heart

I blink, straightening as a young woman strolls out of the shadows, smiling slightly at me.
"I didn't mean to startle you," she says, her tone completely unaplogetic.
I raise an eyebrow at her, folding my arms, frowning. "Aa...and...What's all this about 'Shinigami'?"
She smiles coyly, tilting her head, dark curls spilling down her back and shoulders. She's quite a looker, actually. The simple yellow sundress doesn't hide her fine figure, and her face is youthful and pretty. Prettier than Relena by far. ^_^
"Now, Duo...Don't play dumb with me," she scolds playfully, pursing full red lips. "I know who you are..." Her eyes turn to my shoulder, or rather, *over* it, and I flex my folded wings a little self-consciously, suddenly realizing she can see them.
"I see. And just who are you?" I smile winningly.
"I believe you have something of mine. Something of value." She walks slowly closer, smile almost sultry, eyes burning into mine.
Danger signals go off in my head, but I keep my face friendly. "Really! And what would that be?"
She turns her face up to look at me, standing right before me, emerald eyes sparkling, lips quirked in a small grin. "Duo, Duo...don't play ignorant.." She trails a slender hand up my chest, lightly running long, well-kept nails up my throat before placing her hand on my shoulder. "I know you have it. Shinigami."
"And if I don't feel like returning it so soon?"
She cocks her head, eyeing me.
"I want to use it, first," I say, stepping back and shrugging, still smiling at her cheerfully. "Just two more times. Did it take you this long to track it down?"
"Hmm.." She glances to the side, towards the house, before turning her eyes on me again. "Your friends. Your lovers?"
"My friends. My family."
"I don't believe I caught your name," I prompt carefully.
"I don't believe I gave it to you," she replies shortly, smirking, eyes hooded. "If you don't return what is rightfully mine, I will take it from you." She glances once more towards the house, almost thoughtfully. "Shinigami can kill at will...but he cannot *prevent* death." An innocent look. "Or at least that is what I hear."
My smile turns chilling. "You're walking a thin wire above a very hungry tiger," I say quietly. "Never. *Ever*. Threaten my friends."
"Aa. I'll remember that," she says off-handedly, looking bored and turning away. She begins to walk towards the trees again, then turns to offer a sharp look over her shoulder. "I will lend it to the gracious God of Death...but even a god must return what is not his own. I want it back in three days."
I nod silently, and she turns away, disappearing like smoke on the breeze.
That was interesting...

I give a little start of surprise, whirling around at the oh-too-familiar voice. "Heero?"
He glances around suspiciously as he walks towards me. "What are you doing? I thought I heard voices."
"Aa, I was just...talking to myself." I beam at him, clasping my hands behind my back. My smile is forced. "What are you doing out here, Heero? Making sure your team mate doesn't *die* before his value as a soldier is used up?" I hear the bitterness in my own voice, and don't bother to stop it. "Checking to see if I'm foolish enough to plot against you all or abandon or become a spy for OZ or some other garbage like--"
"What are you talking about?" he snarls impatiently, glaring at me as he stalks forward and snatches my wrist. I glare back, tilting my head slightly in defiance, my throat tight.
"Let go of me. Don't touch me. I'm so *sick* of you--"
"Duo," he growls, eyes churning with impatience and supressed anger.
"I'm SICK of you pretending like you don't notice me!" I shout furiously, wrenching free. "Of you NOT caring or giving a DAMN for me EVER!!"
His eyes narrow, but this time confusion mingles with the anger. "What are you babbling about??"
"Nothing," I say harshly, turning my back on him and hugging my elbows. "*Nothing*. You're like Trowa, now? You think I'm some kind of slut, suddenly flirting with everyone?"
I hear him draw in a breath, but don't give him time to say anything.
I give a strange laugh, glancing at him over my shoulder, my eyes glowing. "I haven't had ANYTHING in over a decade, Heero," I say, voice rough. "Do you know how...*frustrating*...that is, to someone used to having anyone he wants at anytime?"
His face is expressionless. "Then why don't you go further than simply flirting?" he asks in clipped tones of anger. "Since you obviously can't restrain yourself."
"I don't want them!!" I practically scream, whirling around and seizing his face, jerking him down so close our noses almost touch. "I want--" I choke on the words, suddenly shoving him away hard enough to make him stumble as I race back towards the house.
I ignore him, pretending I didn't hear, my heart thundering in my ears as I run.
And suddenly he is in front of me, flashing into sight so fast I gasp and almost fall as I rear back, struck with a momentary pang of the old human fear on seeing the burning anger in his eyes.
He reaches out and grabs my arms hard enough to bruise them, ignoring my strangled cry of pain as he practically lifts me off the ground...
..And crushes his lips to mine.
I would gasp if I could, but instead give a muffled cry of shock, my entire body feeling as if it is exploding with light as his mouth moves roughly over mine, my breath ripped from me. I am unaware of my own passionate response until I realize my hands are buried in his soft hair and he has one arm wrapped around me, holding me tightly to him as the other hand cradles my jaw.
Finally we pull away for air, and I collapse against him, sucking in gulps of oxygen, my entire body trembling. I feel a faint tremor in him as well, his heart hammering against my ear as I lay my head against his chest.
I feel lightheaded and more alive than ever before.
GOD, he can kiss.
"H-Heero," I gasp, still struggling to regain my breath, turning dazed eyes upward, meeting his own smouldering gaze.
He lowers his head once more, as if afraid I'll try to escape, and his kiss is gentler this time, though no less heated.
A groan filters through my throat as I lean against him, opening my mouth and inviting his tongue, the world spinning around me.
Ai Shiteru...
I struggle to say it, but am unwilling to break away.
I have to tell him...

Suddenly the warmth that has emcompassed me is gone with frightening swiftness, and Heero is torn from my arms. I cry out, snatching at him, my eyes widening in horror.
He slams against a tree several yards away, caught completely off guard, and around me a strange, erie laughter echoes in the treetops. A heavy hand clamps down on my shoulder and I wrench away, leaping several feet before spinning around to confront our attacker.
I gasp in shock at the man standing over Heero's unconscious form, still breathing hard from the kiss. "Y...YOU!"
"Yes, I," he replies calmly, turning dark eyes on me. "Surprise, Shinigami. Did you miss me?"

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