Ch 8: Night on the Town

I try hard to hide my excitement by doing what I do best-- talking. "So which movie do ya wanna see?" I gush, still clutching Heero's arm.
"Hn." He glances down at me. "Relena's not around. You don't have to cling to me like a leech."
Yeah, but it's fun.
"Y'never know, she could be stalking you at this minute," I say airily, not bothering to release my hold. "So which movie?" I hold my breath, suddenly afraid he'll shake me loose and refuse to go. After all, I *was* only a distraction to get rid of Relena. Maybe now that she's out of the picture he'll leave me to entertain myself.
I get another small surprise when he shrugs carelessly. "I don't care," he says in that annoying monotone of his. "I've never been to a movie."
My jaw drops. "And you call yourself HUMAN?? Man, how can you have NEVER been to a movie before?! You've never seen, um... Titanic?"
"Sunday morning cartoons?"
"You are a deprived child," I exclaim, looking up at him in disbelief. "You have NEVER seen a movie?!"
Irritation creeps into his face, so I quickly change the subject.
"Well then we can't go see some cheesy horror movie," I snort. "I've gotta take you to a good movie, get you a good experience with the theater."
"Yosh', let's go grab a paper and I'll see what's showin'," I say cheerfully, tugging on his arm, much like a boyfriend, until I realize what I'm doing and stop, flushing a little. I hope he hasn't noticed. "Come on, there's a gas station over there."
He offers a tolerant look and allows me to lead him where I want him to go.
What do you know, Shinigami can blush.


The sky is dark with an oncoming storm as we exit the theater a few hours later after watching (what I thought was) a pretty good comedy.
It would have been nice if Heero had laughed, but.. >_<
He must have been the only one in there who didn't so much as crack a smile, oblivious to the cackling braided baka beside him as he watched the movie with an emotionless face.
Party pooper.
"So didja like it?" I ask, grinning up at him as I stroll beside him down the sidewalk. "Pretty good, eh?" I sweatdrop at his unreadable look. "Ano.. maybe next time we should watch an action film, eheh..."
"...You waste time and money going to see things like that?"
I offer him a pained look, now walking a few feet in front of him, hands behind my head as I glance at him over my shoulder. "Oh, lighten up. It was *supposed* to be funny. You're depressing to be around, y'know that? I bet Trowa woulda laughed."
He quirks an eyebrow at that and I shrug, turning away again. "Well... smiled, anyway. If Quatre was with him..." I chuckle to myself at the thought.
God, the silence is loud.
"It's gonna storm, soon," I say finally, anything to break the quiet. "We need to head back. I wanted the others to try the mirror tonight."
Life of the party here.
"C'mon, Heero," I say, exasperated, turning and walking backwards so I can make a face at him. "Lighten up. *Smile*. Relena was right about one thing-- you need to learn to live a little, even if you are a--"
His sudden warning comes an instant too late. Since I have no eyes on the back of my head and am currently walking backwards, it stands to reason eventually I will run into someone.
Which I do.
"Oof! Gomen," I sputter, barely managing to catch my balance, stumbling forward. I turn as soon as I can stand straight, grinning sheepishly. "Sorry, my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going."
"You're right, it *was* your fault," the man growls, and I sigh internally. Great, of all the people to run into. Some bald punk in his twenties with tatoos, piercings, a bushy beard, and an angry scowl.
"Gomen," I say again, trying to edge around him, offering my most winning smile. Heero walks calmly by as I lag behind, apologizing.
The man's face clears a little as he sees me fully. "Hey, whazziz? You a guy or a girl?" He reaches forward and grasps my braid, toying with the end of it. "What're you doin' with a braid, boy?" he sneers.
No one touches my braid.
I snatch it loose, my smile now chilling. "Paws off, monkey. Touch the hair again and you die."
"Oho, really, now?" He laughs in my face.
Ever hear of a breath mint??
"You're a spirited runt," he snorts, showing crooked yellow teeth in a big grin. "Not bad-lookin', though. How 'bout comin' with me an' showin' me more of that spirit?" His lewd suggestion does not escape me, and I smile tolerantly, backing away.
"Thanks anyway, buddy. I got plans."
He reaches out and snatches my wrist, pulling me towards him, and I eep in surprise.
Shit! I can't just kill him here where anyone could come across the body.
His breath is blasting into my face and I scrunch my eyes shut to blind myself to the sight of him. "C'mon, baby, I can show you a good time..."
Shinigami is not very forgiving, buddy. I lift a hand to deal with him.
I can always drag the body into a ditch when I'm done.
..If there's anything left of him, that is.

Suddenly the grip on my wrist is ripped away, and I open my eyes in surprise as I hear a dull thud and a grunt of pain. My eyes widen in shock.
Heero has the man pinned against the wall, holding him by the collar, the man's dirty sneakers dangling a good few inches off the ground as he gapes down at the stone-faced boy in terror. "Wh-what the hell?!" he sputters.
"Keep your hands off him."
His voice is so cold and deadly I almost shudder.

"L-let go of me!!" the man squawks, beginning to struggle wildly.
Heero's eyes are like chips of ice. His grip tightens and he lifts the man higher, pulling him forward then suddenly slamming him into the wall viciously, ignoring his howl of pain and fear.
"H-Heero," I gasp, finally snapping out of it. I stumble towards him. "Matte!"
A glint of metal.
Heero doesn't flinch as a blade flashes up and paints a jagged streak of red across his cheek, narrowly missing his eye.
Fuck, the punk has a knife.
And he just tried to *kill* Heero with it.
My face darkens and I snarl angrily, causing Heero to glance over his shoulder at me briefly, startled by the noise. Without another word I stalk forward and shove him aside, reaching out and snatching the street punk by his thick neck with one hand, lifting him effortlessly in my anger. "Street rat," I hiss, glaring up at him furiously, blind to his terror. I yank the knife away and it melts in my hand, the hot metal dripping to the ground at my feet.
He screams as I whirl around and fling him as hard and far as I can.
I turn back to Heero, my face as cold as his was a moment ago, not even bothering to see how far the man flew. I offer Heero a long look as he stares at me with no trace of fear but a shred of surprise.
My face slowly relaxes into its normal creases as I step forward, a frown tugging at my lips as I reach up, brushing my fingertips lightly across his cheek, the warm blood staining my nails.
He grabs my wrist, still staring down at me, pulling my hand away from his cheek.
I stare back up at him, unmoving.
I don't know how long we stand there, just looking at each other until he slowly raises my hand to his mouth...
And slides one finger in, licking the blood off, eyes burning into mine.
A shuddering gasp escapes my lungs and my eyes widen to impossible limits, a fine tremor shooting through me. "Hee..."
He releases my finger, the digit tingling warmly, the blood now gone. He captures another finger, but this time does not merely lick the blood off and release me. He licks away the blood and then slowly starts to suck on it, his eyes never leaving my face. My breath quickens and my face heats up, but I find myself unable to pull away, my heart pounding as Heero Yuy stands in the middle of the sidewalk at night, sucking my finger.
Oh, *god*.. I think I'm going to faint...
"Heero.." I breath, the word barely audible, eyelids sliding down helplessly so my eyes are half-shut. "What.."
Slowly he slides my finger from his mouth, lowering my hand, and I find myself drowning in prussian blue.
Strong but gentle fingertips touch my jaw, almost hesitantly, tilting my face with slight pressure, and it's suddenly hard to breath. Is he going to....
Oh god..
Slowly he lowers his face, and I allow my eyes to slide shut, opening my own mouth.

A sudden crash of thunder causes us both to jump, the windows on the nearby buildings shaking with the noise. Whatever trance Heero was in seems to have snapped, and he looks around alertly.
"We'd better get back," he says, though his voice sounds a little gruff. "You wanted to show them the mirror."
"H-hai," I manage to stammer, and duck my head, hurrying after him hopelessly as he leads the way back towards the safehouse.
I mentally begin screaming every bad word I've learned in my young life.
And that's a lot of words.

Fucking storm!!!

~to be continued~

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