Ch 10: Memoir: Take Off to the Sky

"Nani..." He opens his mouth, staring at me with soft eyes, and he seems even more beautiful than before. A quiet rustle draws my attention to the wings folded against his back, flexing slightly in the urge to expand. A sigh escapes me, and I smile at him, brushing a hand across his cheek.
"Itooshi," I murmur. "It's been so long...."
He blinks slowly, then a small smile touches his lips as he reaches up to capture my hand. "So...You weren't lying, after all."
I shake my head, unable to tear my eyes from him, shrugging my own leathery wings gracefully. "Aa... Shinigami. And you... you look just the same, son of Michael."
"Hai.." Eyes the color of cornflower. A smile that once belonged only to me..
...and is now only for one green-eyed pilot.
He catches these thoughts, and his expression softens, a shred of anxiety in his eyes. "We were lovers, once. But that is in the past, Shi-chan. You can't expect.."
"Iya." I shake my head, smiling disarmingly. "Trowa is good for you. He loves you."
A faint blush touches his cheeks, and he glances away, twitching his wings in embarrassment. "I hope so, Duo. And you?" He changes the subject quickly, looking back towards me as I remove my hand. "Shinigami is never supposed to fall in love. Even I.."
"Quatre, I felt for you." This time it is my turn to feel guilty.
But he laughs quietly. "I know that." And I know he is telling the truth. "But this is real love. Something Shinigami has never felt before. You need Heero just as badly as I need Trowa."
"Aa.." I rub the back of my head uncomfortably, looking towards the mirror. "So...who next?"
He frowns a little. "So soon? Do you have an idea what the others might be?"
I shrug a little, letting my puzzlement show. "Trowa...I have no idea. As for Wufei, I have a suspicion, nothing more."
He nods, reaching for the sheet. "Let's cover this up," he suggests, and I help him do so. "Will they.." he looks over his shoulder at his recovered wings, and I grin, stroking the soft feathers.
"They didn't see mine, did they? Only Heero will see. Come on, let's go outside. You're probably dying to unfold them. I know I was."
He doesn't argue as I lead him back out into the moonlight. As soon as he steps free of the shed he flexes, the great wings on his back unfurling, the moonlight making them glow like quicksilver, the sight of him causing me to catch my breath.
I grin at him cockily, snapping out my own wings, watching him nod with appreciation. He is not the only beauty out tonight, and we both know it.
"Care for a quick run?" I tease, waggling my eyebrows and spreading my wings to their full extent. He laughs a little breathlessly, excitement bubbling in his voice.
And so we do, his first flight in over a decade.


Oh go away, I'm comfy...
The quiet, deadly voice drags me from a comfortable sleep and I open my eyes cautiously and sleepily, my instincts warning me of danger.
You know, like the kind of danger when you stand between a mother and her cub.
Or a pilot and his love interest.
I swallow hard, smiling tentatively up at the boy radiating wrath by the foot of the bed, though his face is nearly expressionless.
Except that his eyes are burning right into mine.
"Ahaha...Trowa," I greet meekly, lifting my arm from around Quatre's waist to wave a little. "Um..It's not what you think..."
"I'll bet." That boy's tone could freeze lava right about now.
Oook, time for good little boys to be in their OWN beds.
I hurriedly pull away from the sleeping blond angel in my arms, being careful not to wake him as I scramble out of the warm bed, giving a last-ditch attempt to preserve Quatre's reputation. What's Trowa doing in his room, anyway? Maybe here to wake him up for breakfast.
"Look, quit looking all defensive about it-- it's not like we aren't wearning clothes or anyth--"
I open my mouth to argue. I refuse to give up without a fight, dammit! I'm Shinigami, here!
He turns narrowed green eyes towards me warningly.
Ok, never mind.
I value my life.
Without another word I hurry out of the room, wincing as it shuts loudly-- though not loud enough to have been slammed --behind me.
Sorry, Q-man.
Grumbling, I march downstairs, rubbing sleep out of my eyes. Maybe Quatre will talk some sense into him.
Overprotective bastard.

"Ohayo," I greet cheerfully as I enter the kitchen, immediately revived by the smell of bacon and eggs. Wufei glances up from where he's standing at the stove, prodding the food with a spatula. "Hn. About time."
I stick my tongue out at him and plop down at the table. Heero, munching stoically on toast and-- shocker here --scanning the screen of the laptop set on the table before him, doesn't even glance my way.
I sniff eagerly at the air. "You're makin' enough for everyone, right, Wu-man?" I ask, offering him big puppy-dog eyes. "I'm hungry~~!"
He eyes me dispassionately. "And your point is...?"
I pout. "Mou! Wu-man, you're no fair!"
"Stop pouting, you look like a child." He turns his back on me dismissively.
"Not true! I've been told I look very cute when I pout!" I pout again for demonstration, but since everyone in the world seems to be ignoring me at this moment I sulk instead.
"You guys aren't really morning people, are you?"
"You have room to talk. You'd never get up if you didn't smell food in the morning."
He shoots me a Look over his shoulder and I make a face, standing up. "You know, maybe you wouldn't be such a grouch if someone would pay *attention* to you." I grin evilly, walking towards him.
He raises an eyebrow. "What are you babbling about, now?"
I tuck one arm around his waist, smiling up at him lazily, and he gives a little start of surprise.
Obviously he is not used to being touched so intimately.
"Duo, get your arm off me," he growls, glaring at me and pushing me away. "What's gotten into you?"
"Indeed," Trowa says dryly from the door, eyes burning into me. I stick out my tongue at him, too, and retrieve my seat.
Is it my fault Shinigami's horny?
Besides, I haven't gotten any in over a decade... *Sniff* Poor me..
And ol' Perfect Soldier over there doesn't look too interested.
He won't even *look* at me, for god's sake. Thoughts dark and more than a little depressed, I lower my eyes to my hands folded on the tabletop. "Don't mind me," I mutter. "I don't feel so hot, anyway."
"After that whole mirror thing, I can believe it." Wufei turns a demanding look on myself and Heero. "When do you plan on explaining yourselves, Maxwell?"
"Where's Quatre?" Heero interrupts, eyes still glued to the screen.
"Still in bed. He seemed..exhausted." I pointedly avoid the suspicious green-eyed look.
"I didn't *do* anything," I mutter.
"Did you say something?" Heero snaps, and I jump, startled by the tone, blinking at him. "A-ano.. iya...."
"If you're going to eat, make something." His gaze never leaves the screen, but his tone is cold. "Quit getting on everyone's nerves. Learn when you aren't welcome."
I suck in a breath.
That hurt.
A lot.
I stand up quickly, ignoring the chair that clatters to the floor as I shove past Trowa, eyes burning. I hurry outside, slamming the door behind me.

Just when I think I'm getting somewhere with Heero.. just when it actually seems like he *cares*..
He throws this crap in my face.
'He's never cared,' I seethe. 'That little thing the other night was a mistake. What could *possibly* make you think he'd been about to kiss you?? He must have been..checking for bruises or...something equally embarassing. I must have looked so *stupid* just standing there with my mouth open and my eyes closed waiting for something that wasn't coming.'
Burning with self-loathing, embarrassment, and anger, I don't realize I've gone into the woods until I nearly trip over a root.
Even the *trees* are against me.
I kick the root bad-temperedly, muttering to myself, when suddenly my senses are on the alert.
I whirl around, eyes darting around warily.
I can *feel* someone watching me. The hair on the back of my neck stands up. "Who's there?" I demand, cursing myself internally. I don't cut much of an imposing figure in loose pajama bottoms, my braid a little frazzled from sleep. I don't even have a gun. "Come out!"
Not a sound.
Could it have been my imagination...?
Suddenly there is a rustle behind me and I whirl around, teeth bared, already falling to a half-crouch, ready for a fight.
"Ohayo, Duo-san." A figure steps calmly from behind the trees. "Or should I say...

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