Ch 13: Lethal Beauty

"You, first," I say, glancing over my shoulder at the silent Chinese warrior close behind me. We are walking towards the shed swiftly, and I am trying to convince myself that Trowa is right, that the only way I can get Heero back and pound that sorry excuse of a cousin is with their help. "I think I might know who-- or what --you are."
He glances at me suspiciously, but says nothing, giving a curt nod. Taking a breath, I halt in front of the doors, looking him full in the face, my tone somber.
"What you will see-- both of yourself and me --might startle you at first. Don't get too upset... all right?"
He blinks, then nods again, slowly. I motion to Trowa. "You two stay here. This shouldn't take long." Without a backward glance I open the doors and walk into the dark shed. After only a moment's hesitation, Wufei follows.
I order him to shut the doors behind us, then walk up to the mirror, standing beside it, watching him, completely unhindered by the darkness.
I sense him pause once more, and call out quietly. "Come on. Over here."
A slight moment of hesitancy, then I hear him walking towards me, slippers making virtually no noise. Surprisingly, he finds his way to me without running into any objects or walls, despite the very poor lighting.
I nod towards the mirror. "Look," I say quietly.
I can see him, now, standing before the glass, watching me warily. He stands tall and proud, the very image of a warrior, unafraid, but cautious of the unknown. He is not one to take unnecessary risks.
But finally he turns his eyes reluctantly to the Mirror, tensing slightly as if prepared for some kind of blow or mental shock.
He immediately goes rigid, eyes flaring, breath stuttering to a stop on his lips. He stands frozen like that for several excruitiatingly long heart beats, eyes going blank and dull.
I feel a pang of worry as the moments stretch on, and am just reaching towards him when his eyes suddenly snap into focus, his hand darting up and snatching my wrist in a painfully tight grip, his eyes still riveted to the mirror. I feel a muffled ripple of Power that causes our clothes to flutter wildly for a moment, the band in his hair snapping and flying across the room, his hair falling loose.
I hiss in pain and surprise, recoiling, still caught fast. "Wufei," I gasp, "hanase!"
He finally looks at me, and my heart leaps into my throat, my feet rooted to the ground.
This must be how a rabbit feels when the wolf pins it to the spot with its cold gaze.
Those eyes... bright and sharp, fierce as a hawks, more alive than ever before.
Jet black hair, like ravens wings, frame a brown face both delicate and dangerously good looking. I find myself unable to move a muscle, caught in those eyes, my breathing shallow. Then a flicker of recognition lights in his otherwise emotionless face, and he releases his grip on my wrist and glances towards the mirror, breaking the spell over me.
I take a few steps back quickly, massaging my wrist and swallowing hard, putting on an impudent front. "Sheesh, Wufei, tryin' to kill me?" I raise my eyebrows at a low rustle, glancing at the green leathery wings folded neatly at his back, the tips of them towering far above his head. "Impressive," I tease. "I think yours are almost twice as big as mine. Of course, Dieties don't need such large wings..." I grin at him as he glances at what he was unable to see before, the wings I wear, "but then... a Dragon needs such things, ne?"(1)
He studies me silently, a tinge of grudging respect to his voice, though not much. Dragons are far too proud to hold much respect for anything, unless it is much more powerful than them.
And the only ones that powerful are Dieties. ^_^
I love being me.
"So you really are Shinigami...I see. I should have known. And Heero?"
"Ah..." I grin mischieviously. "Sore wa himitsu desu. Have you guessed Quatre? He looked, too, you know."
"He did?" He glances towards the door, frowning slightly, then turns back to me. "Why can't you tell me what Heero is?"
"Not 'what'. *Who*. And it's just better that I don't right now. He's in enough danger as it is. If Irdarr discovers who he is-- if he doesn't know already --who knows what he'll do with him." I shrug it off, keeping my anxieties hidden. "Anyway, you think you wanna test out those wings of yours?"
His stone gaze never leaves mine. "Yes."
"Yosh'." I grin. "Have at ya. And send Trowa in here, will ya?"
"....." He turns away and walks out, the doors opening without any physical touch. I hurry after him, eager to see Quatre's reaction, and am rewarded by seeing the young angel's jaw drop, his eyes widening.
"What is it?" Trowa asks, glancing from me to Wufei suspiciously, stepping protectively closer to his friend as Wufei turns a calm look on him. "You can see what he is? How...?" He trails off, and I swallow hard, my brave smile faltering as he turns a deadly look on me.
"A-ano... now, Trowa," I say nervously, "I was just curious--"
"You let Quatre look in it??" his tone is very quiet and very threatening.
"E-eto...Boku wa..." I stammer, looking to Quatre frantically for help. He touches Trowa's shoulder lightly, voice pleasant.
"Daijabou, Trowa-kun," he assures him, smiling brightly as Trowa reluctantly glances back at him. "I'm glad he did. I'm all right, really."
~~See, I told you.~~
Quatre blinks at me, puzzled. ~~Told me what?~~
I smirk. ~~So overprotective... he liiiikes you!~~ I croon teasingly, laughing silently as his cheeks grow rosy, his eyes lowering shyly. Trowa is looking from me to him, his eyes getting increasingly suspicious and irritated.
I give a little start, turning to Wufei.
--stop your childish pestering duo. we have more important things right now--
~~Like getting Heero back.~~ I say it quietly, looking away, ignoring Trowa's obvious frustration as he realizes there is a conversation going on that he is unaware of. ~~I know.~~
"Trowa," I say aloud, motioning, "your turn. If we're going to get Heero back, we're going to need your help."
He doesn't move, his one visible eye bright, his face expressionless as he stares at me in furious silence. My thoughts fly back to-- was it really only two hours ago? --when he found Quatre and I snuggled up together in bed, completely comfortable with each other, dressed but obviously closer than usual.
~~He thinks I slept with you...~~ I say mournfully. ~~He found us this morning. I thought he was going to kill me.~~
Quatre's face turns beet red. "But he didn't!" he blurts out loud, and Trowa looks at him, startled, causing the blond to redden more.
"L-last night," he stammers, "it wasn't what you think it was..."
"I wouldn't take him from you, Trowa," I say quietly, so quietly I can hardly hear myself.
But he does, and he shoots me a sharp look, staring at me silently for a long, tense moment before finally turning away, giving no clue as to whether or not he believes me.
I sigh, giving a little shrug, a little hurt by the rebuff. "Never mind. I need you to look---"
And then suddenly all is chaos.

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