Ch 14: Mischief and Cats

My instincts blare a warning suddenly, and I leap to the side swift as thought, barely avoiding the crash of power that cannons into the ground, sending dirt and rocks rocketing everywhere. My wings snap up immediately, creating a protective shell around myself, and I dimmly hear Quatre's squeak of alarm and Wufei's angry curse. As soon as the debris stops bouncing off my wings I lower them, looking around quickly, making sure my friends are unharmed.
"Daijabou ka?" I cry frantically, then feel an immense relief on seeing Quatre blinking at me over Trowa's shoulder, eyes large and frightened. Trowa was obviously smart enough to seize the blond and leap behind me, using me as a living shield during the attack, and is sporting nothing worse than a bruised shoulder. Off to the side, Wufei lowers his own wings with dignity, cold eyes darting around, looking for the enemy.
Not a friendly sight.
Pissed off dragons can make one's blood run cold.
"Awww, we missed," a voice wails in disappointment, and I tilt my head up, eyes narrowing. "Quick boogers, aren't they?"
I strain my eyes, glancing around quickling, but still cannot detect our enemies by sight.
There is pleased laughter. "Hehe, they can't see us, baby! Oi~!"
I dodge almost too late, the power bolt nearly scorching my arm and completely destroying a nearby sapling. "Hey!" I shout. "Watch where you aim that crap!"
"Yes, perhaps if I watched more carefully, I would hit my target," the voice replies thoughtfully. "Thanks for the tip!"
"Shini!!" Quatre shrieks, his warning sending me diving for cover, this time crashing to the ground with more than just a scorched streak. I curse furiously, struggling to my feet, ignoring the angel that dashes over to fret frantically over the blood soaking my sleeve and trickling down my elbow from the torn shoulder wound.
"Come out and face me," I snarl angrily. I want to see just who it is I'm about to destroy.
The voice giggles. "Now why would I do that and spoil the surprise?"
"Stupid bitch.." I growl. Fuck the games. I reach out for her soul, ready to slash into it with my mind, ending her life. Instead I get the sensation of running into a barrier. A Diety??
"Tsk, tsk, bad boy..."
"There!" Trowa says shortly, arm shooting out to point. I turn my head quickly in that direction.
A form shimmers into life several yards away, and I blink in surprise. "You're not a Diety," I say without thinking.
She giggles again, covering her mouth with a hand, peeking up at me from above her nails with large blue eyes. Wufei raises an eyebrow at her appearance, and I can't really blame him.
She was short-- probably not even five feet --with bouncy golden curls, large dangling earrings, a short, fluffy, pink and lace skirt, and a pink shirt with puffy sleeves. The entire outfit was covered in glitter and baubles, and she was wearing at least a dozen bracelets and a hand full of rings. She waves a long thin rod at us, the little bells tied to the end jingling merrily.
"Hii~~!" she greets happily. "How are you three little cuties doing? I'm LaLa!"
"You've *got* to be kidding," Quatre says weakly.
"'LaLa'?" Trowa echoes with faint astonishment, face blank.
"That's my name, don't wear it out~!" she chirps, winking happily and spinning. "So where ya hidin' it, peeps? I kinda sorta really want it, ya know, and if I don't find it soon I'll get all impatient, and then I'll be real pouty. I'm cute when I'm pouty, but not very nice," she adds happily, beaming, wagging her "wand".
"Whoa, take a breath," I say, waving my hands and sweatdropping. "You aren't a Diety-- I don't recognize you. What are you?"
"A Mischief," she says proudly, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Aren't we cute?"
"Yes, we!" She points at the ground, and Quatre gives a start of surprise upon seeing what wasn't there a moment ago. A fat gray cat with a frilly color and huge green eyes stares up at us silently, tail swishing. "Poki-chan! Isn't he kawaii?"
"Uhh..." My sweatdrop enlarges. "Look, chick... I don't know what you're doing here, but--"
"Give me what I want, and I'll go away," she intones, then begins laughing so hard she goes red in the face. (1)
Mass sweatdropping ensues.
Wufei is not the patient type, and he sends her a glare worthy of respect from Heero. "That's enough, onna," he snaps, wings flexing irritably. "What do you want with us?"
"What else?" She looks at him as if he's retarded. "Gimmie the Mirror, doofus. I want it!"
I raise my eyebrows, crossing my arms over my chest. Just how many people are after it, anyway?? "Now hold on just a minute, small fry," I say in a stern tone. "Why should we give anything to *you*?"
She sticks out her bottom lip adorably, like a little kid. "Why you gotta be so *mean*?" she whines petulantly. "Don't you know how to *share*?" The cat yowls in agreement.
I sigh, rubbing my forehead. Now that I know what I'm up against, the shields I subconsciously throw up are impenetrable to her attacks. A Mischief. Just great. They aren't named that for nothing. "Look... Lola, LingLing, whatever the hell your name is.."
"Whatever. Look, you're not getting the Mirror, so just forget it, ok? Now run along and play with some toads or something, we don't have time to play with you right now."
She does a series of furious little hops that has Trowa arching his brows in bemusement and Quatre looking on wide-eyed, obviously wondering whether to laugh or not. "You big *bully*!" she cries angrily. "I'll show you!" She waves her wand imperiously, and several bolts of Power shoot towards us. Quatre eeps and ducks behind Trowa, while the other two stiffen, but I stand by calmly, watching as the attack bursts harmlessly against my invisible shields.
"Cute," I say lazily, covering a yawn. "Very cute. Now run along, we've got important things to do, and your annoying presence isn't needed anymore."
She throws the wand at her feet in a blind fury, dancing up and down on it, nearly snapping it, screaming all the while like a child denied a pretty toy. "NOT FAIR NOT FAIR IT'S NOT FAIR!! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!"
"Bug off, pipsqueak," I snort, turning my back dismissively, giving Trowa a serious look. "Go ahead, Trowa. I want to hurry and find--"
I freeze, my eyes widening slightly.
The others shoot quick glances my way, but I'm barely aware of them as I pivot slowly on my heel, my eyes wide and cold, my wings arching slowly in threat.
"What.... did you just say?"

(1) You'll only get this if you saw Steven King's movie "Storm of the Century" ^.^; Pretty good flick, actually ^_~

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