Ch. 5: "History of the Vampires"

Notes: Yes, I know the series ended differently. But you know me, I always gotta tweak the story line... =pp so I guess this is kinda AU. I mess a lot with the concept of the story. ^.^; Those with weak stomachs, don't proceed. *Sweatdrop*
Disclaimer: WK does not belong to me. Neither do the lyrics that proceed each chapter- they're taken from various songs from the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. Don't sue. =pp

I can't relate
To a happy state
Feeling the blood run inside

"Hello, Ken." Birman entered the room, smiling cheerfully at him. "How are you feeling?"
Ken smiled back wearily. He had always liked the woman better than her partner. Manx tended to get under his skin with the stern businesslike air that she so often portrayed. "Better," he said honestly. "I'm just tired."
Omi appeared behind the woman, beaming at Ken gratefully. "You had us worried sick," he exclaimed.
Birman nodded slightly and motioned for the young assassin to close the door. Yohji offered his seat to her and she accepted with a small smile. Ken turned his eyes on her as Omi shut the door, but didn't move his head. He saw her looking at his scars, and waited to see what she would say.
Her mouth puckered and she gave a small sigh. "I was afraid of this," she murmured. "I told Manx she was being optimistic thinking they wouldn't emerge for some time."
"They?" Omi repeated blankly.
Ken reached up and touched his scars with his fingertips, nodding as she flicked him an inquiring look. She frowned at his affirmation and crossed her legs, showing off their shapely form. She interlaced her fingers in her lap and looked up at the four of them calmly. "I am truly sorry that Ryo did what he had to do yesterday morning. I know it was painful, and I personally had hoped it would never come to this, but you must believe me when I say it was necessary for your very survival. Let me tell you exactly what's going on, though you're going to have to be openminded about this."
Aya looked like he would like to interrupt, but stopped himself. Ken could see that Birman's honest sympathy and straight forwardness was going to earn her more respect from Yohji and Aya than Manx had gained yesterday.
Aya nodded once and leaned against the wall, crossing his arms across his chest.
Birman looked directly at Ken. "They were Vampires, weren't they?" she asked bluntly.
Yohji's eyebrows shot up, his flashy shades sliding down the bridge of his nose. Aya's mouth twitched, and Omi opened his mouth and shut it again like a gaping fish.
Ken flushed a little, covering the wound on his throat self consciously. "Yes," he muttered.
"First why don't you tell us everything that happened last night," Birman suggested, leaning back against her chair. "Try not to leave anything out."
Ken cleared his throat nervously and looked down at his hands. He told them about wanting to jog to clear his mind, and how the two men had attacked him. He described how the man's canines had lengthened into fangs before his very eyes, and what he had done with those fangs. Then he told them how Farfarello had appeared and 'rescued' him and what the madman had said and done afterwards.
Ken shrugged as he finished off his story, unable to meet the eyes of his teammates. "Then he knocked me out, and that's the last thing I remember. I guess he's the one who brought me back last night... though I don't really understand why. I think it had something to do with the whole 'Weiß is useful' thing. Schwarz has never killed us, even if they tried a few times, and maybe that guy who's in charge- Crawford -ordered him not to kill us or something." He glanced up hesitantly.
Aya's eyes flashed at the mention of Crawford's name. Yohji was standing with his hands in his pockets, staring at Ken as if he'd completely lost it. Omi cleared his throat politely and looked towards Birman.
"Ano... do you think the blood loss could have..?" he trailed off, glancing at Ken with a slightly embarrassed look.
Birman looked unruffled. "No, Bombay, he isn't delusional, and he wasn't imagining things. Siberian was attacked by a pair of Vampires, and luckily for him, Farfarello was in the area." She paused. "Probably hunting Them," she added almost as an afterthought.
"Vampires don't exist," Yohji scoffed, an amused look on his face.
Birman arched a brow at him. "You being the expert on the supernatural, of course," she said primly. "Isn't your Gift supernatural?"
Yohji scowled, looking uncomfortable. "That's different," he argued. "Anyway, I don't even know what the damn thing is yet. If I even have one, that is."
Birman looked to Omi. "Bombay?"
Omi shook his head silently.
Birman looked each of them over as she spoke. "I already got the report from Manx, so I know Ken is a Healer and Aya is a Pyro. You other two will have to try to figure your own out, and quickly."
"Pyro?" Aya's voice sounded vaguely offended.
"Pyrokinetic," Birman expanded. "You can set things on fire with a touch- even a thought."
Aya's eyes narrowed slightly in surprise. Evidently he'd thought that, like Ken, he would have to touch something or someone to activate his Gift.
"Be careful, Aya," Birman said softly, looking steadily at him. "Once it's released in rage, one's Gift is difficult to restrain. Yours most especially. If you lose control of it, you'll have a bonfire on your hands that your willpower will be unable to quench."
Aya frowned and said nothing.
"Ok, Ok," Yohji said, waving his hands as if to clear the air, closing his eyes. "So let's say I believe this 'vampire' trash for a few minutes. Just what in the hell do they have to do with us? Or is this another mission? They're the 'big danger' that made Manx decide to activate these damn Gifts of ours, aren't they?"
Birman nodded. "Very clever," she complimented. "Yes. And yes, it is, in a way a new mission for Weiß." She took a deep breath. "Vampires have been around for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. In the past two centuries they've kept mostly to themselves, hiding their identity from the public and remaining anonymous. A long time ago they grouped together and began sweeping the countryside in an attempt to exterminate the human populace, or at least set themselves as the highest animal on the food chain. But the humans rose up against them, and those with Gifts were a valuable key to driving them back. In the end, so many were killed that they scattered and went into hiding again. That was over two hundred years ago." Her face was deadly serious. "But it seems now they have a new leader here in Tokyo, one who is trying to stir the insane Bloodlust that consumed them in the past. If he succeeds..."
Ken looked sick. "We'll have a bloodbath on our hands," he guessed weakly.
Birman nodded. "That's right. We can't let that happen."
"Who knows?" Aya demanded quietly.
"About the Vampires?" Birman shook her head slightly, dark hair whispering on the sleeves of her trim business suit. "Like Balinese, most people believe them to be a fairy tale. Those common people that do know- or at least suspect -are few and ignored. Those in power who know of them, however, are encouraging them."
"What for?" Omi asked, eyes wide.
"Power," Yohji guessed drolly.
Birman lifted a finger. "Exactly. Get on the good side of the Vampires, maybe help to keep their existance hush-hush, and you might have front row seats to the slaughter of the human race. The Vampires and those human businessmen and corporations who work with- or for -them have a deal. These men help the Vampires gain control and they get to survive and hold sway over what's left of the population."
"That's monstrous," Omi cried. "How could men betray their own specie??"
"Oh don't you start too, Omittchi," Yohji groaned. "This is just sounding more and more like a bad script for a movie."
Ken turned his head, pointing at the two small circles on his neck. "It's real, Yohji," he said firmly. "I didn't do this to myself."
Yohji frowned as he stared at the scars, looking torn.
"Well that's the gist of it, then," Birman said, rising to her feet and smoothing out the front of her skirt. "I suggest you work on controlling your Gifts." She paused, then nodded as if reaching a decision. "I think there's something else you should know as well."
They all looked at her expectantly.
Birman placed a hand on her hip and gave a mirthless smile. "Rosenkreuz works for the Vampires."
"Who's Rosenkreuz?" Aya demanded.
Birman reached up a manicured hand to push her hair over her shoulder. "Why," she said lightly, "they're the men who trained Schwarz."


"How very exciting," Schuldich said in a bored tone, draping half his body over the couch as he lay on his belly, fingers jabbing at the buttons on his Playstation controller. His hooded eyes were glued to the screen. "So you tore the little vampire men apart and decorated the rooftop with their entrails. Then what?"
Farfarello was seated crosslegged on the floor, intently digging a new scar into his arm. "Weiß appeared," he said almost absently.
Schuldich looked towards him quickly, game forgotten. A disturbing grin lit up his face. "Weiß, eh? Well well well. What happened?"
Nagi lowered his thick calculus book, looking down at the Irishman. "All of them?" he asked quietly.
"One," Fafarello said shortly, pausing to examine his handiwork, lapping at the bloodied blade.
"Which one?" Nagi asked with unending patience.
Farfarello's lips curled in a slight if fierce grin, as if referring to a private joke. "The Fallen Angel."
"That doesn't help, Farfarello," Nagi sighed.
"Be more specific, Farf," Schuldich snapped, sitting up and tossing the controller carelessly aside. "Playboy? Tightass? Soccer punk? Midget?"
Nagi gave Schuldich a long look. "That's specific?"
"Claws," Farfarello said shortly, beginning to work on the cut again. The knife was abruptly lifted from his hand by an invisible force, and floated over to land beside Nagi on the loveseat. Farfarello looked up at him with a cold, calculating eye.
Nagi was unfazed. "Hidaka Ken," he clarified. "What happened?"
Farfarello shrugged carelessly. "They were feeding on him. I stopped them, I took the Fallen One home." His lip curled to show how unhappy he'd been to do that. "He lives," he said, answering Nagi's silent question. He glanced towards Schuldich as he felt the German probe at his mind.
Key? Schuldich's mental voice was tinged with interest. What key?
Let us see it, Farfarello, Nagi said.
Farfarello reached inside his vest and held up the key he had stolen from Ken's chain.
"Well well," Schuldich breathed, eyes lighting up. "The key to their precious flower shop. Good doggy. Fetch him a Scooby Snack, chibi."
Nagi ignored him. "Crawford will be back soon," he told Farfarello. "When he arrives, give him the key and tell him what happened." He paused. "You said Weiß was bitten?"
Farfarello dropped the key back into his vest and nodded once, attention focused once more on his bleeding arm.
Schuldich burst into cruel laughter. "Oh, that's rich," he sneered. "I'm assuming you didn't give him the chance to Drink. That means he'll be dead by tomorrow. Two Scooby Snacks."
"Zero Scooby Snacks," Nagi said sharply, looking at Farfarello with stern eyes. "You know we aren't supposed to let them die, Farfarello," he reprimanded.
Farfarello looked up at him calmly. "He dies or he Drinks and becomes Undead," he said tonelessly. "Either way, he is lost."
"And we don't need a fanged kitten on our hands," Schuldich said, still amused. "Still, Crawford's going to have a bee up his ass about this."
Nagi sighed. Farfarello ignored them and went back to studying his wound.
"We need Weiß," Nagi said finally. "You know that, Farfarello."
The Irishman glanced at him out of the corner of his eye.
"We need them to complete our final mission," Nagi said softly, looking towards the window. "That's what Ryo told Crawford."

Author's Notes: (SPOILERS for WK ending)
er... lemmie clarify a few things. "Gluhen" doesn't exist. -_- At least in my book. And this is after the deaths of Estet, but the rest of the ending, such as aya-chan waking up and Weiß having some kind of silly mobile flower shop thing are defunct. Like I said, I'm changing the ending. Cuz I'm the author and I say so. nyah.

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