Ch. 15: "Ambush"

Notes: Yes, I know the series ended differently. But you know me, I always gotta tweak the story line... =pp so I guess this is kinda AU. I mess a lot with the concept of the story. ^.^; Those with weak stomachs, don't proceed. *Sweatdrop*
Disclaimer: WK does not belong to me. Neither do the lyrics that proceed each chapter- they're taken from various songs from the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. Don't sue. =pp

Oh, no. There is no turning back now,
you've woken up the demon in me.

Schuldich muttered every German and Japanese curse he knew as he drove down the highway at breakneck speed. Damn Crawford. And damn Nagi, for getting himself into trouble! He reached down to touch his painful erection carefully, and scowled darkly. Shit shit SHIT. He'd been sure tonight would be the night he'd finally fuck Kudou, and he had been sooo close... He groaned and removed his hand hastily, running through every unsexy thing he could in his mind to get the slender assassin out of his thoughts. Hmm.. Farfarello in a tutu... a dog humping his leg... Taketori naked... Egads. That was just sick.
Nagi went out tonight, Crawford had told him, not caring in the least that he was interrupting his German partner. I just had a vision- he's going to run into trouble, and Bombay is going to be with him.
Bombay? Schuldich had been baffled by that. What the hell for?
I don't know. Never mind that. Just go and check it out. Make sure they don't get themselves killed.
Why me?! I'm busy, dammit!
You're closer, Crawford had replied calmly before his voice had disappeared from Schuldich's mind.
Fucking arrogant American. Schuldich glared daggers at the road before him as he jerked the car into fourth gear and roared past the other drivers. Ohhh, he was gonna make Crawford pay for this. He wanted compensation, god damn it. A day off, maybe, so he could track down a certain sexy kitten and... Er.. Taketori naked, Taketori naked....
By the time he could sense Nagi's murmuring thoughts, the image of their previous employer in the nude had finally managed to cool off his libido considerably. He slowed down, crawling down the street as he looked around for the place Crawford had indicated. He finally pulled into the empty parking lot of the old fashioned local library and jerked his keys out of the ignition, stepping out of the car and slamming the locked door behind him. He frowned up at the towering building as he took the steps two at a time. The library. Figured. That explained why Bombay was here. They must have run into each other here on accident- two little geeks in their natural habitat. And Nagi, knowing that Weiß had to be preserved, would be forced to watch out for the other boy as well as himself. That might put a strain on things if they were attacked by a fair amount of people.
He yanked at the door, and muttered a curse when it refused to move. Locked. The library was already closed. Fuck. He looked around, then headed quickly for the back.


"You made it."
Omi jumped, turning from where he was idly skimming the books on a towering bookcase. His face lit up in a smile of greeting. "Nagi."
The young boy felt a small smile tug at his own lips at the other's enthusiastic response. He walked over and wrapped his arms around Omi's middle, eyes hooded and lips curved just the slightest. "I had to get away from Crawford," he muttered. "That's what took me so long."
"Daijabou," Omi replied, blushing a little as he smiled back, reaching up to cup Nagi's face in his palms. He leaned in, and Nagi tilted his head slightly in compliance, leaning into the other boy as they kissed. Ahh.. very nice. He ran his hands up Omi's back, pushing his tongue into his boyfriend's mouth. He felt Omi shiver against him, then a wet tongue was prodding forward to meet his own.
They finally pulled away when they ran out of air, and gazed at each other for a moment as they panted for breath. Nagi slid his hands down to grip the back of Omi's belt, smiling seductively, his heart quickening a little. Tonight... he was hoping to do that forbidden act that made two people lovers. He was a little nervous about it, and he knew Omi could sense his intentions and was just as timid, but he was adament. His feelings for the other boy had evolved in the two months that they had been secretly seeing each other, and his affection for the other boy was threatening to become something stronger. To confirm it, he was determined to go that final step. He molded his body to Omi's, turning his head to brush his lips against Omi's neck. Omi flushed and shivered, burying his fingers in his partner's dark hair and kissing the side of his temple lightly.
"Nagi... we...."
Nagi quieted him effectively, pressing his mouth against the other assassin's insistantly. Omi responded readily, and turned, holding Nagi against the bookcase as his hands made a hesitant but fascinated tour of his body, roaming from his face, down his neck, his chest, and his abdomen. Nagi wrapped his arms around the boy's shoulders, arching into the touches and giving a small moan into Omi's mouth, the first stirrings of passion beginning to twist hotly inside of him.
A quiet laugh rang through the dark library, and both boys froze, pulling away slightly.
"What was that?" Omi whispered.
Nagi looked around, unwilling to release the other boy, annoyed that they were being interrupted. "I thought the library was closed."
"You locked the back door behind you, didn't you?" Omi asked nervously. He'd been the one to pick the lock and disable the alarm, but had left it unlocked for his boyfriend to get inside.
"Of course." Nagi frowned as the laughter sounded again, soft and unpleasant sounding. A scrape from the other side of the library indicated a dragged foot, and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Omi released Nagi, turning and looking around warily.
"Someone else is in here." He bent over and tugged three throwing darts from his shoe. "I have a bad feeling about this..."
"You and me both," Nagi growled quietly, his eyes darting around warily. He stepped away from the bookcase and glanced at a lamp on a nearby table. It flickered to life, shedding soft light and casting eerie shadows. Omi gave an involuntary shiver and stepped closer to Nagi as two voices rose in cackling laughter, closer now.
"Shimatta," Nagi hissed, clenching his fists. "Stay close, Omi."
Omi nodded mutely, wide eyes searching the shadows for the source of their unseen visitors. "Do you think we should try to get out?" he asked after a moment.
Nagi frowned. "I guess we should try. We'll have more space to fight or escape if they try to follow us outside." He didn't have to say who 'they' were. Both boys knew who was hunting them. He took Omi's hand. "Let's go."
They hurried towards the back door, treading on the silent feet of the assassin, looking around warily as the laughter echoed all around them.
They heard scuttling footsteps getting closer and picked up their pace. Behind them a chair was shoved roughly aside, and then they were running, feet slapping loudly on the floor as they gasped for breath in instinctive terror, racing down the aisles towards the back door that would lead them out into the relative safety of the night.
Something struck Nagi from behind- a heavy book -and he fell with a cry. Omi halted immediately and whirled, catching a glimpse of his target and sweeping his arm in a precise arc. His dart caught the man running towards them in the neck, and he howled, crashing into a computer desk and clawing at the small but painful weapon. More of them were coming, appearing from over and around bookcases, all of them sneering at them and flexing their fingers like claws, eyes wide and bright with bloodlust. Some of them were laughing, a high-pitched sound that made Omi's blood run cold. He sent his other two darts flying with frightening speed, catching two more in the belly and the chest, but there were at least six more still coming at them. Jesus Christ! This wasn't just some vampire out for a latenight snack- this was a planned assassination! He seized Nagi's arm and dragged him to his feet, pulling the stumbling boy with him as he dashed onward.
One of them jumped from behind a bookcase in front of them, arms held out to block their way, and Omi cried out in startled fear, jerking Nagi to a halt and looking around wildly, pushing the slightly smaller boy behind himself. They were circling them, now, closing in like a wolf pack confident of the kill, and there was nowhere to run. Omi's heart was hammering in his ears. He twisted this way and that, unwilling to present his back- and his precious charge -to any of them, but they were drawing their noose tighter around him, jeering, laughing, taunting him with promises of pain and death.
Then Nagi reached up and gripped his shoulder tightly, face a mask of pain and absolute fury. Blood trickled from his forehead where he had been hit with the book. Then he struck.
Half of the vampires went hurtling across the room with ragged screams, slamming into the walls and bookcases. Books boomed loudly as they struck the floor, and then Nagi was jerking around, pushing Omi out of the way as he lashed out at their remaining attackers with the force of his mind, scattering them as well.
"This won't kill them," he gasped, snatching up Omi's hand. "Let's go!" They made a run for the door again. One of the vampires had found his feet again and leapt for them with a screech of defiance. Nagi glanced towards him, and at the precise moment he sent the thing slamming backwards Omi gave a scream of fear, his hand ripped away from Nagi's grip. Nagi whirled around, his heart in his throat. One of them had Omi, HIS Omi, long fingers wrapped around the boy's throat as he held him in front of him like a living, writhing shield. Nagi hesitated, fear filling his mouth like bile. More of them were finding their feet, now, hissing in hate as they moved in once more. Nagi glanced quickly over his shoulder- the door. It was not even ten paces away. But... He turned to face the oncoming men and women. He couldn't just leave Omi behind. He gritted his teeth, fists clenching by his side, the fury inside him building and tumbling recklessly. Books began to fall from their bookcases, the cases rattling wildly. There was a loud booming sound, and large cracks began to creep up the walls and along the floor.
Then one was leaping from the shadows, too quickly to be fended off. Behind him Nagi heard the back door slam open, then he was down, crying out as he just barely managed to dodge, his lip bloodied from the vampire's fist.
BLAM!! The unmistakable sound of a gun being fired echoed like thunder in the dark library, and Nagi gasped as the vampire above him shrieked, exploding in a burst of black fire. He twisted his head to look at his savior. Silver bullets- only silver bullets could do something like that.

"Little SHITS," Schuldich snarled, lifting his gun and firing into the crowd of the little bloodsuckers with a fierce thrill of satisfaction. They screamed and tried to scramble away. Little fucking SHITS.
Something deep inside him churned darkly, the root of his fear, hidden from his conscious mind. They had hurt one of his 'family'. They'd tried to fucking kill him.
Now he was going to kill them.
Bombay was seizing the vampire's arm that was holding him, grunting as he hurled him over his head in a desperate throw. The boy raced over to Nagi, grabbing his arm and dragging him out the back door. Schuldich stepped over to cover them, blocking the door and shooting anything that moved, feeling an insane giggle bubble in his throat, erupting into a scornful laugh that sent shivers down the spines of the boys outside.
Two of them managed to dart away and disappear into the library, but the others were screaming, writhing on the ground as the black fire consumed them. Schuldich glanced around quickly, then hurried outside and slammed the door shut behind him. Nagi and Bombay were waiting for him, breathing hard and looking wild-eyed from their experience.
Now that the danger was over, Schuldich's mindless anger dissapated, gone as quickly as it had erupted. He sneered at Nagi, panting a little from his race to get to the back door in time after hearing Nagi's frightened thoughts. "Good going, kid," he said contemptuously. "Nice night to get killed. What the fuck were you thinking?" He shot a glance towards Bombay, who was still clinging to Nagi, trembling a little. Nagi was blank with shock and the afteraffects of terror, and Schuldich snatched up the information he wanted from the boy's mind with no difficulty. "Jesus," he muttered, pushing his sweaty bangs from his forehead. "Sleeping with the enemy, chibi?"
Nagi glared up at him darkly and slammed a wall over his thoughts. Omi swallowed hard and said nothing.
"Ch..." Schuldich sighed and checked to see how many rounds he had left before making an impatient gesture. "Well come on, we don't have all night. The car's in front. Move."
He herded them quickly around the library to where his car was parked, keeping a sharp eye open for the remaining two vampires, stretching out with his mind. He sensed them- just barely. They were hiding, unwilling to come out and face the two men of Schwarz. Gutless cunts, Schuldich thought with distaste, opening the back door to the car and slamming it shut once both boys had slid in. He walked rapidly around to the driver's side, yanking the door shut behind him and ignoring his seatbelt as he gripped the wheel in one hand, jamming the key into the ignition with the other. He glanced up instinctively and froze.
There was a man standing in front of his car. He hadn't been there a moment ago and he sure as hell hadn't picked up on any unusual brain waves. Schuldich felt a cold finger run up his back, raising the hairs on the nape of his neck as he stared dumbly at the dark-clothed figure that stood not even two feet from the hood of the car. He was staring at them with burning ice blue eyes, face hidden in shadows from the hood on his coat. He was standing calmly, hands in his pockets, observing them. Then he bared his teeth just slightly, and his fangs glittered under a nearby streetlamp.
"Schuldich," Nagi said harshly from behind him, a thread of anxiety to the tone. Jolted from his thoughts, Schuldich twisted the key savagely, the engine roaring to life. He slammed the gear out of park and stomped on the gas pedal, releasing the clutch with the intent of running over the man before them.
The mysterious figure gave an inhuman leap, clearing the car easily as they peeled out of the parking lot and onto the street.

He stood there for a few minutes after they had left, face pensive as he gazed in the direction they'd gone. Finally he turned and calmly made his way into the shadows of the night, the German's face firmly enblazened in his mind.


Schuldich dropped Omi outside the flowershop before taking Nagi home. Crawford and Farfarello were waiting for them in the den, the latter playing with a knife, eye glued to the door.
"Well?" Crawford demanded, lowering his Wall Street Journal the minute Schuldich and Nagi walked inside, looking worn and ruffled.
Schuldich told them what had happend. Nagi, standing silently beside him, felt a flash of mild surprise and cautious gratitude when Schuldich declined to comment that he'd discovered the relationship between Nagi and Bombay. Rather, he said something about the two of them running from the vampires after a chance meeting in the street and taking sanctuary in the libary. It was a sketchy story, and Crawford arched a brow, but didn't say anything until Schuldich was finished.
"So it's started," he murmured, removing his glasses to polish them on the front of his shirt. His mouth twitched in a frown. "Sooner than I'd expected."
"It's War," Farfarello said calmly, sliding the tip of his blade lightly along his bared teeth.
Nagi looked at him.
"Aa," Crawford agreed, inspecting his glasses before settling them on the bridge of his nose again. He pushed them up further with his index finger. "They've finally decided it's time to take out their biggest threats- us, of course. And Weiß. Farfarello's Hunt has changed to their Hunt."
"So now we're hunting each other," Schuldich sneered. "Just lovely. Throw in two sorry excuses for Vampire Hunters and this is turning out to be one hell of a party." He collapsed in a chair with a little huff.
Crawford gazed pensively into space, fingers drumming on his knee absently. "I think it's time," he murmured after a long moment of silence. "Schuldich. Call Manx."
"She's probably asleep," Nagi pointed out.
"She'll have to wake up," Crawford said bluntly.
Schuldich jeered and reached out with his mind.


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