Ch. 19: "So it Begins"

Disclaimer: WK does not belong to me. Neither do the lyrics that proceed each chapter- they're taken from various songs from the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. Any songs from different sources will have a disclaimer at the bottom. Don't sue. =pp

I took you home
Set you on the glass
I pulled off your wings
Then I laughed

Ken was revolted.
He stared atthe two twitching, torn bodies and thought he was going to be sick. He was used to killing his enemies in one powerful, heavy blow... But these were vampires. It would take more than normal weapons to snuff them out. He felt like kicking himself in the ass for forgetting that.
Stakes. He needed wooden stakes like in the movies to kill these things. He looked around quickly, thanking whatever god there was that there were few people out on a Tuesday morning. So far no one had come by and witnessed the attack. Snatching a tarp from where it was folded neatly by the door, he shook it open and covered the groaning vampires with it, after pushing them over onto their backs with his foot, grimacing.
He turned to go inside and find some stakes, and almost ran slap-bang into Aya.
"Are they dead?" the redhead asked in quiet tone, glancing down the street in search of pedestrians.
"Don't scare me like that," Ken hissed. "No. I think we've got to put a stake in their hearts. Help me find some wood."
"..." Aya led Ken back inside and snatched up two small, flat pieces of wood with sharpened ends, handing one to Ken. They were usually put in plots for vines and ivy, but they would suffice for the unsavory task they'd found themselves faced with. "I'll take one out, you do the other," Aya said, looking unruffled. "We'll have to find a place for the bodies for a while."
"Don't they disintegrate or something?" Ken edged, walking back outside. "That's what happens in the movies."
"We'll know in a minute," Aya grunted, and brought his stake down into the covered chest of the closest vampire.


Crawford's eyes flicked towards the dashboard, and he muttered an oath under his breath.
Schuldich sat up straight to look, and frowned. "We're on E already? Didn't you just fill the tank two days ago?"
"Aa." Crawford kept his eyes on the road. "Someone might have tampered with it."
Schuldich reached out to tap the dashboard. "Or with this," he said meaningfully. "Couldn't someone move the needle?"
They exchanged a quick glance.
Rosenkreuz? Schuldich guessed.
Why would they? They don't know what we're up to.
So you say, Schuldich grumbled.
Crawford remained silent, and pulled into the nearest grocery store parking lot.
Better safe than sorry, eh? Schuldich jeered, getting out of the car and looking around. Lemmie see if we lost those two limpets.
Crawford remained in the car, turning off the engine and removing his glasses to rub wearily at his temple. A moment later he heard his partner mutter a German curse.
Here they come.
Crawford replaced his glasses and calmly stepped out of the car as the blue Toyota rolled slowly past, continuing down the road a little before parking indiscreetly at a nearby gas station.
How crude, Schuldich sneered.
They want us to know they're there, Crawford corrected, glancing away from them, on the lookout for anything suspicious.
Then why don't they just come over here and quit being chickenshits? Schuldich demanded irritably.
Perhaps they still think this is part of our plan. They must think the Vampires are somewhere nearby.
Schuldich grinned wolfishly at his superior. Let's not disappoint them, ne?
Quite, Crawford agreed smoothly, and the two of them entered the store nonchalantly. Across the street, the two Hunters got out of their car.
Moments later the front of the placid grocery store exploded.


Nagi jerked out of the half-doze he'd fallen into, looking around wildly.
One quick thought from Schuldich, just one. But the sudden exclamation had driven itself into his mind with enough force to awaken him.
The echoes of the startled cry haunted him as he rose quickly to his feet, glancing instinctively towards the door. Schuldich?
He waited, but there was no response. After a moment, he tried again. Crawford?
Unease began to uncurl in his stomach like a cold, lazy snake.
Something's wrong.
That thought throbbed through his head as he sprang into action. Somehow, he knew something was wrong.
He slammed his laptop shut and swiftly unplugged it from the wall, tucking it under his arm and hurrying to the front door. He jerked it open and came to an abrupt halt, his heart skipping in surprise.
The three men in the doorway grinned down at him, wickedly sharp canines flashing as they chuckled in cruel amusement at the dumbfounded look on his face.
The closest one reached for him, and he snapped to awareness, leaping back and thrusting out with his Talent. The door slammed hard in the Vampires' faces, the lock sliding into place with a loud click. They began banging on the door, screeching and laughing, calling threats through the strong door.
Nagi backed away from the portal, breathing harshly with mingled fear and anger. He whirled around, looking for another exit. Hurrying to the wall, he smashed a framed picture of Berlin from the wall, revealing a wall safe. He twisted the knob hastily, putting in the combination as the Vampires continued to throw themselves at the door. He heard the creaking of wood and knew the door would not last much longer. Throwing open the safe door, he pulled out the gun and ammo hidden there and stuffed them into his pockets before dashing from the den. On his way out, he slammed his palm against the small button located by the window.
Silently he counted in his head, his breath coming quickly with adrenaline as he slid out the fire escape and began clambering down the ladder so fast he almost twisted his ankle.
He jumped the five feet from the raised ladder to the street below with a little grunt, bending his knees to break his fall. He heard a cackle, and looked up quickly. Two more of them were stepping out of the alley, a tall woman and a weasel-faced man.
Nagi turned and took to his heels. Laughing loudly, they gave chase. Glancing over his shoulder, he threw them backwards with his Talent.
One of them appeared out of nowhere, leaping in his path and slashing at him with something wickedly sharp. He cried out in surprise and pain, lashing out with his Talent and driving the shrieking Vampire so hard into a brick wall that most of his bones shattered.
He stumbled, reaching up with his free hand to clench his wounded arm. He glanced quickly over his shoulder. Was he far enough..?
The carefully placed wires and bombs nestled in the walls of their room went off perfectly, and the entire floor erupted with a deafening boom.
Nagi was knocked flat on his back from the blow, right into the vengeful claws of the Vampire he had just crippled.

Farfarello, Berserker of Schwarz, barely flicked an eyelid as the sharp cry of his German partner resounded in his mind.
Standing over the bed of Fujimiya Aya, he licked slowly at the serated edge of his favorite maiming dagger.
So it had begun.
He heard Nagi, moments later, calling to the other members of their team, and then nothing.
He smiled against the blade, pressing it lightly to full lips. Mmmm.. The nights were going to be so deliciously fun, now.
He felt that old stirring in his bones, in his very blood, and drew in a quick intake of breath.
Schwarz had undoubtedly been destroyed. Which left him free to do as he chose. His eyes drifted toward the unconscious form on the bed. Sliding his dagger into his belt, he leaned over her pale face, breathing lightly onto her cheeks, resting a hand on her stomach, feeling the faint pulse of her heart.
Alive yet not alive.
He grinned again.
Would they come for him, now? Now that his team had been destroyed, would they come after him? They had called him Traitor. And as such, he was condemned to death. He sneered at the girl lying so peacefully asleep.
"Mmm..." He straightened, giving a chilly smile to the sky outside. My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?
He threw back his head and laughed, an eerie sound that brought the nurses running. Two of them skidded to a halt in the doorway, petrified as they gaped at the nightmare in the room. Farfarello eyed them madly, and they fled, screaming for security.
Still smilng an unholy smile, Farfarello carelessly plucked free tubes and needles from Aya's limp form. Then, lifting her into strong, sinewy arms, he cradled her against his chest and walked calmly out into the hallways of the hospital.
And heaven help any fool that thought himself brave enough to stop him.


Yohji lurched against Aya as they were walking upstairs from where they had hidden the bodies of the two vampires in the basement.
Completely caught off guard, Aya grunted in surprise, grabbing frantically for the banister but missing. He couldn't help but cry out sharply as the two of them tumbled down the stairs.
"Ken-kun!!" Omi's cry brought Ken running.
Ken pounded down the steps, panting, and stared at his two friends, crumpled at the bottom of the steps. "What the hell happened??"
Aya pushed himself up on his elbows with a pained grunt. He glared daggers at Yohji as the older man picked himself dazedly off the floor and leaned against the couch for support. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Aya snarled furiously. Ken knelt by him, swiftly searching for cuts or broken bones.
Aya shrugged him off impatiently, still glaring up at Yohji. "Well?" he snapped.
"It was Schuldich," Yohji muttered, passing a hand across his pale brow, staring at nothing. "I just heard him."
"Nani?" Omi helped Aya to his feet, and the three of them stared at their oldest member in surprise.
"You mean in your head?"
"What did he say?" Omi asked anxiously.
"It was..." Yohji shook his head. "I don't think he was aiming it directly at me-- more like he just threw the thought out for someone to grab." He looked up at them finally, a little pale from the sudden blow to his mind. "Something's wrong; Schwarz is in trouble."
Aya's mouth moved in a deep frown. "What are you talking about?"
"He said 'What the hell-' and then broke off." Yohji shook his head. "But he sounded.. shocked. Maybe a little scared."
"Kuso," Ken clenched his fists. "I have a bad feeling about this."
"You and me both, kiddo," Yohji snorted.
Omi's eyes were wide, and Ken knew he was thinking about Nagi.
Aya scowled, rubbing carefully at a bruise on his elbow. "It might have been nothing. Never mind. It doesn't mean anything to us anyway." He turned dismissively, headed for the stairs.
Yohji reached out and snagged his arm, eyes flashing. "Wrong, Aya," he snapped, matching the other man glare for glare. "Whether you like it or not, we're Schwarz's allies for now. Besides, whatever got Schuldich could come after us next."
Aya yanked his arm free, his gaze smouldering. "No, you're wrong," he growled. "I'll never be 'ally' to those bastards. You didn't care for Schwarz before last night." His tone had a ring of accusation to it. "And why would you pick up Schuldich's thought? What were you doing last night, Yohji?"
Yohji rocked back slightly, pressing his lips tightly together. Ken and Omi looked to him, also, and there was a long moment of tense silence.
"What are you trying to say, Aya?" Yohji asked finally, and his voice was quiet and dangerous.
"You tell me," Aya shot back, eyes narrowing. "You and that damned Nazi were acting strange the entire time Manx was giving us these new 'orders'. What are you hiding, Kudou?"
Yohji jabbed Aya hard in the chest with his index finger, pushing his face close to the other man's. "Shut the hell up, Aya," he hissed. "Just shut up. Don't go jumping to conclusions about me, stoneface, or you and me are going to have to step outside, you get me?"
Aya swatted the hand away, glaring up at the taller man. "You can't even answer a simple question?" he demanded scathingly. "What were you doing last night? First we find out Omi and that kid are sneaking around behind everyone's backs.."
Omi's face paled slightly, his eyes looking hurt.
"..Then you and that Nazi hold silent conversations while we're having a meeting," Aya continued ruthlessly. Ken seized Omi's arm suddenly, and Omi followed his gaze. Small tongues of flames were dancing between Aya's clenched fingers as his temper worked itself up. Omi pulled away from Ken and stepped forward, just when Yohji looked ready to hit the furious redhead.
His fingers wrapped around Aya's upper arm, and from where he was standing beside the small boy, Ken once more felt that muffled boom reverberating from deep inside Omi's body. Aya stiffened, his eyes losing their focus, though his face looked strained, as if he was fighting subconsciously to throw off Omi's control of him.
But Omi was adament, and hurt by Aya's words. "Go upstairs," he said shortly, fingers digging into the older man's arm painfully. "Go to your room and stay there until you calm down."
Aya wavered, then finally turned and headed upstairs, his motions a little jerky.
Yohji snarled and struck the unoffending couch instead. "Why that-"
"That's enough," Omi cut him off sharply. "He's almost as hard to control as Schuldich was. If you get him mad again he might shake off the Possession." He looked sternly at Yohji, and after a moment said quietly, "It isn't any of my business what you do in your own time, Yohji-kun, but if it's something that could jeapordize all of this- and put us in danger -you need to tell me."
Yohji scowled weakly into the blond's unwavering eyes before shifting his gaze elsewhere. Ken was unappropriately amused by the situation. Sometimes he almost forgot who was the real leader of Weiß. "It doesn't endanger us," he said gruffly. "Aya's just blowing things out of the water, as usual."
Omi looked at him for a long moment before finally turning away with a little sigh. "There's nothing we can do about this, anyhow," he said briskly, obviously pushing thoughts of his Schwarz lover from his mind with difficulty. "We'll just have to keep our eyes open for more vampires and lay low for the rest of the day. If something did get Schwarz, we're safer here until we get orders from Manx. She might call soon, anyway." He wrinkled his nose, turning his face distastefully away from the closed closet door. "Kami-sama.. I didn't know vampire corpses stunk that bad."

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