Ch. 17: "A Tense Alliance"

Disclaimer: WK does not belong to me. Neither do the lyrics that proceed each chapter- they're taken from various songs from the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. Any songs from different sources will have a disclaimer at the bottom. Don't sue. =pp

It seems you're having some trouble,
in dealing with these changes, living with these changes.

Don't you guys have a leash for him somewhere? Schuldich asked Yohji drolly as he watched Aya shove Ken away from him and rant at Manx.
Shut up, Yohji snapped back tensely. Then, Whose insane idea was this??
Manx's, mostly, Schuldich replied easily, tuning Aya's voice out. But we're going along with it. Unless things backfire, it looks like a workable- if distasteful -idea.
Fuck you, Yohji snapped.
Schuldich had been waiting for that. Kudou was so predictable sometimes. Name the time, he purred, smiling lazily and flicking the other man a glance. He helpfully sent along a mental picture to emphasize the thought.
Yohji took in a sudden sharp breath, and Schuldich laughed quietly at the jumbled emotions and thoughts that image produced. Sure, there was indignation, anger, and even humiliation. But there was also desire, and that was what he'd been aiming for.
Oh yes, he'd bed Kudou for sure, now. All it would take would be some careful timing and seduction. And that shouldn't be too hard, if the other man's rumored libido was anything like he'd heard.

Farfarello watched the whole scene with his normal expressionless face, feeling the mildest hint of amusement at Abysinnian's reaction to Manx's announcement. Not that he blamed the other man. Schwarz and Weiß were enemies. Period. Being forced to work with them- having them so close but being forbidden to harm them -was going to be a living hell.
The madman licked his fingertips absently, since his blades had been confiscated by Crawford before they'd come over. They didn't want to risk him going berserk at the wrong time. They had almost put on the straightjacket as well, but in the end Crawford had finally decided against it, giving Nagi firm orders to keep a loose hold on him and Schuldich to monitor his thoughts. But Nagi seemed to be concentrating more on his blond boytoy in the corner than on him.
Farfarello glanced sideways at Schuldich. The other man certainly wasn't 'monitoring' his thoughts right now. He seemed preoccupied, smirking to himself, his eyes slightly unfocused. He was either daydreaming or concentrating on a silent discussion. Farfarello's golden eye travelled towards Kudou, his sharp ears picking up the quick, quiet gasp the other man gave.
Farfarello, as had been firmly established years ago- though his teammates sometimes slipped and forgot -was not stupid. He knew Schuldich was talking to Weiß's playboy, and he had a pretty good idea what they were talking about. He turned his gaze lazily back towards Siberian before Schuldich could pick up a stray thought from him that gave him away.
Ken looked scared, and angry, but also a little hurt. Evidentally Aya's rough brush-off had hurt his feelings.
Poor baby, Farfarello thought absently with no feeling of sympathy. He'd heard Schuldich use the term on a few occassions, always with a mocking smile and a sarcastic tone. He'd never seen the use in such a stupid phrase until now.
He had been amused when the soccer boy had so defiantly returned his piercing gaze. Siberian had a stubborn streak as wide as the Grand Canyon, and it seemed not even a murderous madman could break him that easily.
Hm. He would have to fix that.
"Sit down, Aya," Manx said loudly and firmly. Nagi glanced towards the crimson haired man and forced him into a chair.
Crawford took that as his cue, and rose to his feet smoothly, looking as unruffled as always. He cast his dark eyes over the scowling members of Weiß. "We are aware that Rosenkreuz supports the Vampires," he said clearly. Obviously he'd decided honesty- or at least a certain degree of it -was the only way to get their enemies to consider this idea. "We, however, don't. And since we've been looking for the chance to break it off with them for years, this is the perfect opportunity." He held up a hand, palm up. "The Vampires are going to try to kill us. They're also keen on killing all of you, now that they know you have Talents. Since you're going to have to retaliate sooner or later, as will we, it stands to reason we should put our forces together." He smiled thinnly, emphasizing his last word. "Temporarily."
Schuldich smirked a little.
Farfarello noted that Abysinnian was less than amused. "No," he snarled, locking gazes with the tall American, eyes narrowed to dangerous slits. "I'm not going to be on any 'team' with you."
"You're monsters," Ken agreed with quiet heat.
"I'm hurt," Schuldich pouted sarcastically.
"Shut up," Yohji snapped at him irritably.
Omi said nothing and lowered his eyes to the floor. Farfarello wondered vaguely if he was thinking about last night, when Schuldich had saved his life.
"You need each other," Manx pointed out firmly. "I seriously doubt you'll survive on your own. You don't understand- Agemmedo's bent on killing you all."
"Who the hell is Aga-whatsit?" Yohji demanded impatiently.
"Tokyo's Vampire Lord," Nagi answered quietly.
"This just gets better and better," Ken muttered a little disgustedly, running a hand fretfully through his dark hair. Farfarello watched the motion with detached fascination.
"I'm not asking you, Weiß," Manx said ominously. "I'm telling you." She flicked her gaze towards Schwarz. "You're temporary teammates, so there had better not be any 'accidents'. Understand?"
"You're no fun," Schuldich complained with a little grin. Farfarello bared his teeth in agreement, running a finger along the scar on his cheek.
"Where's Birman?" Ken asked suddenly. "Does she know about this?"
Manx cowed him with a long, hard stare. "Are you questioning my authority, Siberian?" she demanded.
Ken scowled weakly. Manx strode over to him, glaring up at him, daring him to speak. "Well, Ken? You have a problem with this? Because if we're going to have an authority problem, you can just walk out that door and forget coming back."
Ken stared at her in shock.
"Don't threaten him," Yohji growled.
"An empty threat," Farfarello intoned. Weiß glanced at him quickly, startled that he had chosen to speak.
"Ja ja," Schuldich said, stretching lazily and smirking at Manx. "Come off it, pussy cat. You know as well as we do that you can't afford to let a group of Talents off your hands. You can't let them out into the world where they could sell their services to someone else."
Manx glared daggers at the both of them, but Ken noticed she didn't deny it either.
Yohji made a 'ch' noise and pushed his hair back from his face, giving Manx a steely look. "That so? And what would you do if we do walk? Drag us back kicking and screaming?"
Ken noticed Nagi shift out of the corner of his eye, and a frown twitched at his mouth. He was hit with a sudden insight. Crawford had said they'd been looking for the chance to break free from Rosenkreuz for years. Was that the position they were in- trapped in Schwarz, unable to break free?
"Don't push it, Kudou," Manx warned, jabbing a finger against his chest, her eyes sparking with temper. "I'm not in the mood. You keep pushing it, you see what happens. You won't like it."
"Lay off, pussy cat," Schuldich drawled, shooting her a hooded glance. He wasn't smiling anymore.
Crawford broke the tension smoothly, motioning to his team. "Very well. So we're temporary allies. No accidents," he promised Manx, looking meaningfully at the other three men of Schwarz.
"Where are you going?" Manx demanded as they started for the stairs.
"Wir gehen nach Hause," Schuldich said drolly over his shoulder. "Just because we aren't going to be antagonizing each other doesn't mean we have to stay under the same roof as these dummköpfe." His eyes slid over to Yohji, and he smirked a little. Yohji flushed at a comment unheard by the others. He looked away quickly, scowling.
"Ja, Omi," Nagi offered quietly, following his teammates.
"Ja," Omi replied weakly.
Manx looked peeved for a moment as she watched them leave, then turned to face Weiß, arching a brow at Omi. He avoided her gaze. "Well," she sighed, "at least I know you and Nagi won't be a problem." Her gaze turned on Yohji contemplatively, and he glowered at her. "Hmm." She shrugged. "Whatever the case, you have your orders. You'll be working with Schwarz to take out the Vampires. Report to me as things progress."
Aya had been fuming silently for the past couple of minutes, and looked ready to say something. Thinking better of it, he turned sharply on his heel and stomped upstairs.
Manx watched him go, frowning. "Keep an eye on him," she said quietly. "He could jeapordize everything with his hatred for Crawford and Schuldich."
"You can't blame him for hating them," Ken said quietly.
"He won't do anything unless they provoke him," Omi reassured her.
"He'd better not," Manx said tartly, and tossed her hair over her shoulder with a little huff. "I'd better be going. Take care, Weiß." And she left.


"Are you sure that's a good idea, Crawford?" Nagi asked skeptically, inspecting the charred sleeve of the shirt the other man had discarded. "This can't be fixed, by the way."
Crawford shrugged into a fresh shirt as Schuldich toyed with the glasses he had set aside. "Don't play with those," he snapped without looking before answering their youngest member. "He won't kill her. And the Vampires might use her as leverage in the future if we don't move to protect her now. If Abysinnian snaps because of that, this whole plan goes down the drain."
They were back in their flat, each of them harboring their own thoughts and opinions on the decision that had been made concerning themselves and Weiß. Schuldich offered the glasses he'd been fiddling with, and Crawford set them calmly on the bridge of his nose. "Keep in contact with him, Schuldich," he ordered crisply, taking the shirt from Nagi and tossing it in the trash. He paused for a moment, obviously thinking back to the incident that had ruined his best white shirt. Aya was getting stronger. He could control the flames, now; he was more precise with his aim. He turned back to the German and continued, "Just in case. Make sure he doesn't get any bad ideas while he's there."
"Why didn't you let one of us go with him?" Nagi questioned.
"Because I need you for something else." Crawford looked towards the younger boy. "You're going to look something up for me. And you," he pointed at Schuldich, his tone brooking no argument, "are going to come with me."
Schuldich pouted. "What the hell? Why me? What are we doing?"
"We're going to find Agemmedo," Crawford said calmly.


Farfarello pushed the window open and slid inside, the white curtains whispering against him with the warm breeze. He brushed them aside, glancing towards the partially opened door. He could hear muffled voices from down the hall, but none close enough to bother him.
He strode over to the bed and gazed dispassionately down at the pale figure on it, the bleeping of the machinery keeping her alive soft and monotonous.
His eye drifted towards the clipboard attached to the foot of her bed, and he lifted it, reading the name at the top.
Fujimiya Aya.
His single golden eye skimmed the young girl's covered form once more, his expression unreadable.
Crawford must have lost his mind.
He set the clipboard back on its nail and walked over to stand over her head, staring down at her, studying her. He fiddled unconsciously with the dagger in his belt. This was the one they had stolen before. It had torn Abysinnian apart. A small, unpleasant smile played on his full lips. Seeing the other man's pain had been delicious. He wondered what the kitten's face would look like if he were to come in the next morning to visit his beloved sister, only to find her a bloody, shredded mass of skin and bones.
His breath quickened with excitement at the thought, and he leaned over, his face hovering inches from her own. He traced fingers almost lovingly down her cheek, the way a murderer observes his next victim.
He would strike Abysinnian a blow to the heart that he would never recover from. But not yet. Not yet...
He straightened with a muffled feeling of regret, and walked over to the window, peering out into the streets below. For now he would follow Crawford's instructions, however meaningless they were to him.
He would be bodyguard to Fujimiya Aya until they had killed the Vampires.
Then he would kill her.

Author's notes: Sorry it took so long to get out... ^^;;; I had massive writer's block. *growls* And I know it's short... ^^;;; sorry~
Wir gehen nach Hause= "We're going home."
Dummköpfe= fools (me and my sisters used to call each other this in Germany ^.^; lol)

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