Ch. 14: "Desire"

Notes: Yes, I know the series ended differently. But you know me, I always gotta tweak the story line... =pp so I guess this is kinda AU. I mess a lot with the concept of the story. ^.^; Those with weak stomachs, don't proceed. *Sweatdrop*
Disclaimer: WK does not belong to me. Neither do the lyrics that proceed each chapter- they're taken from various songs from the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. Don't sue. =pp

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by suprise
Touching you makes me feel alive
Touching you makes me die inside

"I take it you didn't succeed?"
Tatiana glanced up as her partner entered the hotel room they'd rented for their stay in Tokyo. She nudged her bedside drawer shut with a hip and shrugged, peeling off her tanktop and reaching for a clean shirt. "The German knocked me out. They were right about how fast he his." They conversed in their native tongue, grateful to no longer struggle with the inticrite Japanese they'd studied so long to learn. "What about you?"
Her companion didn't even blink as she stripped, walking over to his bed and lifting it, sliding his gun underneath the mattress. "The telekinetic from Schwarz showed up. I didn't have much choice but to leave."
"So that's where he was," Tatiana murmured to herself thoughtfully, frowning as she plucked grass from her wallet and set it on the dresser. "I was wondering why he wasn't with the others." She glanced over at her partner as he toed off his shoes and began taking off his suit. She smirked slightly to herself. He was pretty well built, and good looking for a white guy. Shame he'd told her he was gay...
Of course, he could be an asshole.
This was their first time as partners- they'd been assigned to this retarded ass mission just a week ago, and she still wasn't sure what to make of him. Talon Hartman was arrogant, a little intimidating, and had a violent temper from what she'd seen. Plus he outranked her- he had a B license, and much more experience in this field. Older, too- twenty five or something like that. That was about all she knew of him.
Tatiana was almost his complete opposite. She was still wading her way through college when she wasn't on an assignment, and partied with her friends when she could. She had a big mouth and tended to speak her mind. She had a short temper, she got squeamish when missions got too gory, and her whole heart wasn't tied to the missions like Talon's was. Talon would do anything he had to in order to do what he'd been assigned to do. He sometimes seemed as if he had no scruples or morals. Tatiana had her own code of honor, however, and there were some things she would absolutely not stoop to. Talon viewed this as a weakness and had told her as much.
She had told him to go fuck himself.
So they had gotten off to a pretty rocky start. They grudgingly respected each other- even Talon knew that Tatiana was capable of taking care of herself in most situations -and sometimes got along semi-well, but most of the time they were sniping at each other.
"So do we try again tomorrow?" Tatiana asked, covering up a yawn.
"Yes." Talon slid under his covers wearing only his boxers and reached over to turn on the alarm clock by his bed.
"If that wakes me up before the sun's up, I'm kickin' your ass," Tatiana threatened him with a scowl.
Talon ignored her. "Tomorrow morning I want you to tail Schwarz. See if the Irishman is alone at any time, and then get me. I'll be taking care of the one he bit."
Tatiana rolled her eyes, lying down on her own bed. "I can take care of myself."
"Yes, you did an excellent job today," Talon noted dryly, closing his eyes dismissively.
"Why don't you shut the hell up?" his partner snapped irately. "Don't you go talkin' shit to me, sunshine. You didn't do nothin' good today, either. You got your ass kicked by that little kid."
"Good night," Talon said firmly, turning his back on her.
"Asshole," Tatiana muttered, also rolling over to face the wall, scowling darkly to herself.


Yohji felt himself grin as he skimmed his hands down his dance partner's sides, swaying to the music and looking into her big eyes, confident that her promising smile would give him what he wanted by the end of the night.
He was sick of all the bullshit that had been happening for the past week, and he'd needed desperately to get out and have some fun. A little dance, a little alcohol, and some lovin' would make him feel much better and ready to cope with the things in the future. So as soon as it had gotten dark, he'd shoved all thoughts of the strange encounter that morning with Nagi and the American out of his head, pretended vampires didn't exist, and had hit the clubs.
The music was pumping out of the speakers with enough force to make glasses on the tables vibrate and nearly drown out whatever anyone said that was below a shout. The local band onstage wailed into their mics, the words garbled and unimportant, and the teeming bodies on the dancefloor moved with reckless abandon. This was Yohji's haven, even more so than the flower shop sometimes. Here he was just Kudou Yohji, the infamous Playboy. He danced, he wound a few women- sometimes men -around his little finger, picked one, and his night was complete. It was relief from his alternate nightlife in more than one way.
The girl he was dancing with wasn't very good at it, and Yohji didn't protest when another figure rubbed against him from behind. He turned away, letting his previous partner find a new person to dance with, and grinned at the familiar man who insistantly looped his arms around Yohji's neck. He knew this one. He'd spent a night with him before. Usually he didn't bother to pick up previous lovers, but he wasn't choosy tonight, and besides, this one had been pretty good in bed from what he could remember. Better than some. And deliciously uke.
He spread his palms over the younger man's hips and rocked against him as they danced, giving a sultry grin, and the boy's own lush lips curved in a teasing smile, auburn hair falling into his face to partially hide laughing dark eyes.
They danced until the song ended, then the boy stood on tiptoe to plant a kiss on Yohji's mouth. "Long time no see," he said with a crooked grin, sliding his hands into Yohji's back pockets and pressing his body close to the taller man's. "Mmm.. I missed you. You doing anything tonight?"
Daisuke, wasn't that what his name was? Yohji grinned back, running his hand down the boy's ass appreciatively. "I am now."
Daisuke's grin widened, and he winked, pulling away. "I need a drink. Want anything?"
"Sex on the beach."
Daisuke's eyes sparkled with promise and amusement. "I can get you that," he purred, and disappeared into the crowd to get the drinks as another song came on.
Yohji smirked to himself and lifted his hands over his head as he danced, content and triumphant. His already short shirt crept up to expose his flat tummy and abdomen, his leather pants clinging to him like a second skin. He was earning appreciative looks from nearby dancers, and basked in it. Yohji was sexy, and knew it. Glancing at a nearby, supple woman out of the corner of his eye, he vaguely wondered if Daisuke would mind a threesome.
Hands slid to splay against his belly from behind, and he grinned to himself, lowering his own hands to rest them on his admirer's wrists, not really caring who it was, as long as he could dance. A firm body pressed against him from behind, hot breath falling on his neck, and he shivered, their bodies swaying together to the beat. Hm, a seme. The thought of a threesome was seeming more appealing by the minute. He wondered if the guy was decent looking and craned his head to take a calculating look.
Twin sets of jade eyes met and locked. His partner gave a sultry smirk, eyes narrowed slightly in amusement, orange hair tumbling over his shoulders.
Yohji gave a strangled gasp and whirled, trying to yank away, his heart jumping into his throat. A hand reached out and snagged his wrist quickly, yanking him back, and he gaped at the man grinning at him.
"Leaving so soon?" Schuldich teased, obviously enjoying the other man's reaction.
"Y-you!" Yohji sputtered, eyes wide. He looked around quickly in case any of the other members of Schwarz had come. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Get your fucking hands off me!"
"Hmm.. I don't think so," Schuldich said thoughtfully, still holding Yohji's wrist tightly. "Anyway, you seemed to be enjoying yourself a minute ago." He smirked. "That's because I didn't know a fucking psychopath was my dance partner," Yohji snapped venomously, trying to pull his hand away. He glared at the other man. "Let me go!"
"Don't be silly," Schuldich tutted calmly. He leaned closer, eyes hooded, and Yohji hastily leaned back. "Plans, Kudou?" he teased.
God damn it! Yohji cursed inwardly as he grabbed Schuldich's wrist with his free hand and tried to tug it free from its deathgrip on his own wrist. His mind was whirring frantically, his heart pounding. He didn't need this- not now, not when he was this fucking horny. He didn't need to think about the German pressing him into the desk at the mission the other night, about the way Schuldich always teased him, almost like flirting. He didn't want to look at him, admit the other man was good looking and that if fate hadn't set them on such different courses he would have tumbled into bed with the other man without a second thought.
He saw Schuldich's grin widen knowingly, and spat a curse, feeling his face heat up. "Quit reading my thoughts!" he shouted, finally succeeding in yanking his hand away. Schuldich just moved in closer, winding his arms around Yohji firmly. Yohji gasped, putting his hands on the other man's shoulders to push him away. "St-stop it!"
"Your mind and your mouth are saying different things, Kudou," Schuldich informed him throatily, still grinning maddeningly. "You're attracting attention, you know. Would you like security to come over and try to drag me away?" His eyes danced with cruel mirth. "Because you know what I'd do to them..."
Yohji glanced around quickly, noting the strange looks other people were giving them, obviously a little nervous by Yohji's obvious unwillingness to dance with the smirking German. He forced himself to stop struggling, gritting his teeth as Schuldich pressed against him, turning his head to blow into Yohji's ear as they danced.
"Thinking about me at night, Kudou?" he murmured, fingertips scraping lightly against Yohji's lower back. Yohji closed his eyes tightly, feeling a shudder go through his body. He swallowed hard, attempting to bring his body back under control.
"What do you want?" he demanded harshly.
"What do you think?" Schuldich breathed, lips brushing against Yohji's neck.
"No," Yohji said firmly, pulling his head away to glare at the other man. "Don't even think it, hentai," he snapped. "You're Schwarz, I'm Weiß. Don't get any funny ideas."
Schuldich's tone was amused. "So you're saying that's all that's holding you back, Kudou?"
Yohji flushed. "I didn't say--"
"That's what your mind said a minute ago," Schuldich purred, eyes hooded with triumph. "Something about how if things were different you would sleep with me?"
Yohji felt a flash of humiliation and tried to pull away. "Kisama.." he snarled. Schuldich laughed at him and pulled him in again, shoving his hands in the man's back pockets and grinding their hips together.
Yohji gave a sharp gasp as the German's obvious erection dug into him, and a jolt of pure, undulated lust shot through him, almost blinding his reason. "D-don't," he protested.
Then Schuldich's mouth came crashing down.
Yohji went limp, eyes falling shut helplessly as the other man ravaged his mouth, forcing his lips open and thrusting a hot tongue inside to explore. He groaned, fingers tightening on the German's shoulders as he kissed back instinctively, his entire body tingling. JESUS the man could kiss. He was practically fucking him with his mouth. Schuldich drew him tight against him so that there wasn't even an inch between their bodies, plundering the other man's mouth with a deep kiss that left Yohji breathless.
He knew he shouldn't let this happen- that as enemies this was forbidden. And the man was a fucking lunatic anyway! He was going to regret this, he knew it..
Schuldich broke away then, and Yohji gasped for air as the other man's lips skimmed along his neck, grinding their hips together once more. His head fell back and he clung to the other man, mindless desire washing away his frantic thoughts.
It was wrong, it was crazy, and it was dangerous.
But suddenly all he wanted to do was feel the German's hands on him and feel skin slide against skin in the intimate dance of the night that lovers performed in darkened rooms. He panted, fingers tangling in long firey locks as Schuldich began sucking on his throat, hands wrapped firmly around his butt. Schuldich wanted it, too- that much was painfully obvious.
But why him? A sudden jolt of apprehension struck him. Could this be another ploy of Schwarz? Schuldich could dig into his mind at any time- could find out anything he wanted to know about Weiß. Or he could easily kill Yohji if they left the club. Before or after they had finished didn't matter. It would be just the sort of thing the crazy German would do.
Schuldich nipped at his neck sharply, and he jumped. "So untrusting," Schuldich murmured, lifting his head to smirk at the other man, eyes darkened with lust. "How many times have I told you, Kudou? Weiß is too important to Schwarz's goals to be destroyed yet. You're so cynical."
Yohji glared weakly at him, swallowing hard. He was already painfully hard, and it was getting harder and harder to convince himself not to go through with this. [1] "How do I know that?" he demanded. "You could just be saying that to get my guard down."
Schuldich rolled his eyes. "So Farfie didn't kill Ken out of the goodness of his heart? Please, Kudou. Spare me and shut up."
Yohji opened his mouth again to protest, and Schuldich took adavantage of the opening, leaning in to steal another mind-blowing kiss. Yohji sagged helplessly against him, fingers twising into the German's long hair, his body leaning instinctively into the other man's.
Schuldich pulled away abruptly, scowling darkly and looking pissed. Yohji gulped in deep breaths of air as he stared dazedly at the other man, who was gazing straight through him, as if lost in thought.
His telepathy, Yohji realized, untangling his fingers from the German's hair and hastily dropping his hands to his sides. Schwarz must be talking to him- probably Crawford.
Schuldich's scowl deepened, and after a moment his eyes focused on Yohji's flushed face again. "Tch..." He ran a finger across Yohji's swollen lip, smirking in an attempt to hide the frustration churning in his eyes. "Party's over, Kudou," he said lightly, his voice still a little husky with lust. "I have a little 'job' to do."
Schuldich pulled away and wiggled his fingers in a little wave. "Ja, kitten," he sang, and disappeared into the throng.
Yohji stood for a long moment, simply staring at the spot where the other man had been, feeling unfulfilled lust and towering frustration. "FUCK!"
That was the idea, Schuldich's voice chuckled in his mind. Another time, Weiß.
Yohji cursed colorfully and turned sharply to find Daisuke. If he didn't find someone to screw silly in the next few minutes he was going to go fucking insane.

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