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Other Fics

This page is for fanfiction of mine that doesn't go with any other section, at least not yet. Basically, that will mean--for the moment--Harry Potter, Calvin and Hobbes, Monster Rancher, and Digimon. Those are the only fics I have that don't fit in at the moment. ^^;;

I wouldn't have anything else to put on a C&H site. Same with Harry Potter. And Digimon? I am officially in protest of 02. Though it came a BIT close to redeeming itself with the last part of "The Battle for the Two Worlds" or whatever... No. It's too late.

WHY am I in protest of 02? Six reasons:

Davis Poor Davis. Everyone ALWAYS disses him (on the show, at least). Also, they made him fall in love with Kari, and they know that ain't going nowhere. (Takari ^^ [Tk and Kari]) So, I got pissed off for him from almost the very beginning.

T.K. (Takeru for you Japanese-name people who've probably never seen the Japanese) It just occured to me--they made T.K. a real butthole in 02. Dissing Davis, presuming BlackWarGreymon doesn't have a soul, being like half evil all the time--Poor guy. What did they DO to him?! The old TK wouldn't grow up like this. Who says this is set on another earth?! *raises hand*

Kari (Hikari) They also screwed up Kari. She's inconsiderate, she looks dumb, she wears clothes that make her look like...oh, I dunno...Well, I can think of something, but it's way over the G rating. ^^; Kari was my favorite!! BRING HER BACK!!!

Sorato I never REALLY had an opinion, but I was a Taiora fan. I won't go into it.

Yolei Yolei is almost as underrated as Davis is. I'm starting to -ship for them. ^_^

Unoriginality Only now is this starting to get better, with the whole Dark Spore thing I missed completely. But 02 should not even really exist. It's getting old! How many times can you have kids save the same worlds from the same enemies without it getting completely old?! I don't know, and neither do they ^^;

Ok, enough ranting. ^^;;; On with the fics!

Childhood is Short and Maturity is Forever   [G] A fifth-grade prom? It's a fanfic!! Anyway, Susie and Calvin have to go together to the aforementioned prom. ^^

No Sport is Less Organized Than Calvinball   [G] The sequel to the above. Calvin introduces Susie to Calvinball...

Everybody I Know Needs What I'm Selling   [G] The THIRD part. Calvin and Susie get recruited for a commercial and (in a way-too-long sequence) end up driving the director insane!

A Debate   [PG to be safe] Sora, Kari, Misty, and Sabrina discuss "Is Digimon a Rip-off of Pokemon?" and much more!

Jimminy Cricket Was Wrong   [G] A Davis fic. NO, not Davis-bashing... A TK fan reviewed this saying, essentially, I don't like Davis but this was STILL good. (I am not quoting here...) When someone types, "Must...not...leave...good review for story that talks Davis up...Oh, what the heck.......This was very well done. I am truly impressed", I view that as the best review I ever had. And it was. (Note: I don't think he'll care, but no, I did not get permission to quote that... *shrugs* I'll take it off if he asks me.) Summary? Oh yeah! ^_^;; Davis lets Kari go, basically. ^^;

Visiting Privet Drive   [G, I think] My first (and at this point, only) Harry Potter fic. Basically, Ron and Hermione go to visit Harry.

The Final Battle   [G] Eh heh... This was meant to be a serious Monster Rancher fic, but I think I wierded myself out... All I know is, SOMEHOW I made it a humor fic. @_@;

"Please, Write Something Happy"   [G] I talk to the characters from Monster Rancher about the finale...

Ok, here are the fics! ^_^


Childhood is Short and Maturity is Forever (1)
No Sport is Less Organized Than Calvinball (2)
Everybody I Know Needs What I'm Selling (3)
A Debate
Jimminy Cricket Was Wrong
Visiting Privet Drive
The Final Battle
"Please, Write Something Happy"