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Epilogue to DBZ: Gokou Goes to School (Anime series:Dragon Ball Z, Genre:Comedy) by Josh Moore .
Summary:Chi-Chi makes Gokou go to school, because he is stupid, but weird things happen in the sixth grade class. Rated R for strong sexual content and cussing.

METAL GEAR HOLLOW 2:Sons of Stupidity (Anime series:Metal Gear, Genre:Parody/Comedy) by Elite Knight .
Summary:Solid Snake is sent on a mission to get photographic evidence that the Marines are making a new Metal Gear RAY action figure without the license of Konami or Hideo Kojima. Rated PG-13 for mild language and mild violence.

It's not Xmas! It's CHRISTmas (Anime series:Dragon Ball Z, Genre:General) by Elite Knight
A somewhat poorly executed short fanfic about Gohan telling Pan the true meaning of Christmas. Rated G.

Ultimate Tournament? (Anime series:Dragon Ball Z, Genre:Parody/Comedy) by Elite Knight
The Parody of the Tournament right before the Buu Saga. Rated PG for mild language and mild violence.

Just One Government (Anime series:Gundam Wing, Genre:Songfic/Parody/Comedy) by Elite Knight
A hilarious parody of Just Communication. Rated G.

Crazy Crossovers (Anime series:Crossover, Genre:Comedy) by Elite Knight .
Alot anime series all come together for a big crossover. Very crazy! Slight Sailor Moon bashing. Rated PG-13 for mild sexual content, mild language, and mild violence.

The Crusaders of Space (Anime series:Gundam Wing, Genre:Action-Adventure) by Elite Knight .
A new Mobile Suit called a "Mobile Knight" appears, but it stronger than a Gundam. Can the Knights in stopping OZ? Rated PG for mild action violence.

METAL GEAR HOLLOW:Tactical Espionace Stupidity (Anime series:Metal Gear, Genre:Parody/Comedy) by Elite Knight .
Summary:Solid Snake must stop terroists from dropping a water balloon on the white house. Hilarious parody of Metal Gear Solid. Rated PG-13 for strong language.

If you have a fanfic, have read the Fanfic Submission Rules and would like to submit it to my site email me the fanfic. Or email me or the author of the story to review a fanfic by me that you read.