I have come up with some anime series. I will soon write fanfics about them.

1. "Time and Judgment" - In the year of our Lord 2061, the world had been taken over by a one-world government and with no hope at all, Elite Adnianson, the last of the resistance against the one-world government, stubbles onto rebels from the past that took a time machine, that wondered what the future would be like. They are suddenly ambushed by World Nation and the rebels are killed but Adnianson escapes in the time machine into twenty-six years in the past. Now Elite Adnianson must kill the world leaders that started the one-world government.
Coming May 2002

2. "Dark Skies of Knight" - In the year of our Lord 2066, the world is ruled by a one-world government called World Nation. Some rebels, calling themselves the Christian Crusaders, send in their best agent, Jason Bacer along with a newly found rookie with high hopes, Brian Knight. They must now lead an assault on World Nation's main base in Washington, D.C.
Coming June 2002

3. "Earth Defense" - Michael Carter, a member of the military forces of earth, leads a human army against an alien army to stop them from destroying earth.
Coming July 2002

5. "Elite Knight" - Brian Anderson, a regular person who has a mysterious past acquires a special armor from God. He must use this armor to stop evil men from making the Tribulation.
Probably Never Coming

5. "Future Heroes" - Troy Knight is a anime fan and lives in a normal world that bores him, until one day his whole class is taken hostage, but he is the only one to escape. Later he is told by a stranger that he was the son of a government agent and must stop the government and prevent the Tribulation.
Probably Never Coming

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