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Clik to get the stories. They are all in txt file this time!

Ranma the Bastard!!
Ranma of Battle!
Remembered!! Won 3rd place in March 2001 crossover miniseries section
What Happened??
Giver of Heart
Leaving Akane. Won 3rd place in May monthly vote 2000
Finding Lost Love
Realization. Won 2nd in August monthly vote 2000
Ranma Yakuza
Return of Love
Gathering of Heros
New Adventure, new Chaos

5-08-01 Finally update again, Bastard chapter 11 is added.

5-10-01 Updated again, Added Chapter 5 of Gathering of Heroes.

6-05-01 Updated...finally was able to update. Added chapter 3 of New Adventure, new Chaos

07-05-01 It has been a month since I've updated...well, been having little bit of trouble here and there, but UPDATE. Added chapter 8 of Ranma Yakuza, as well as Chapter 12 of Ranma the Bastard