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I Have No Life Winamp Skins


Hello, and welcome to "I Have No Life" Winamp Skins! I am Hecate,Goddess of the Crossroads, and this is my younger sister Artemis. She does backgrounds too. (Mene doesn't skin, but we get her to comment sometimes.) We seem to specialize in obscure shojo skins, but we do have a variety. Anyhow, many of these skins were made by Artemis as well as myself, and if you want to post them on your site, just email we Wyrd Sisters (Hecate, Mene, and Artemis) at, and we'll say yes. ^_^ So on to the skins!
Hello all who have loved our skins! We are moving! Yay! We are moving because of space issues and our new home will be:! Therefore this page will slowley disapear, and no new skins will be added here. Go to our new web site, where everything will work!

Gundam Wing
Many A - L * Many M - Z
Neighborhood Story * Daa! Daa! Daa!
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS * Love Hina
Peach Girl * Record of Lodoss War
Vision of Escaflowne * Jungle de Iko!
To Heart * Tenshi ni Narumon!
Maze the Mega-Burst Space * Himiko-den
Jubei-chan * Ranma 1/2
Tokyo Babylon / X
Chobits * Cutey Honey Flash
Soul Calibur * Legend of Basara
Slayers * Bastard!!
Inu Yasha * One Piece
Fruits Basket * Sorcerer Hunters

Rinslet (Black Cat)
Maze and Maze (Maze)
Nao (Good Morning Call)

In the Works:
Soul Calibur
Fruits Basket
Ranma 1/2
One Piece
Peach Girl

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