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Triad of the Moon Presents: Weiss Kreuz on Prozac

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If the title of this page does not make you laugh, or at least crack a smile, then you best just leave now, because that's the kind of humor this page deals in. This is not a page to go to for facts, summeries, or anything informative. This is purely for amusement value. Please don't take offense, we love this show, we just have a strange sense of humor. So at this point you should either a) leave or b) enjoy.

Hello again! This is Hecate, Mene and Artemis back for another round of silliness! Are we the only ones who have noticed how very stupid the premise of this very wonderful show is? Florists by day, psychotic murderers by night? And not just any psychotic murderers, but young and tragic with totally illogical garb! Could someone explain to us why goggles and an extra sweater are needed when you go to kill someone? Is he afraid he'll get cold, or dust in his contact lenses? What goes through Persia's mind that he picks a Soccer Player and an amnesiac for assassins? And do we really want to know? The answer is probably not. But that has never stopped us from hopping on the "Go There" Bus. (If you're curious about that phrase email Hecate ( So here is our merry little trip down the twisted little turnings of that self same bus. We hope you don't get car sick!

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See Weiss dance the opening theme of Hana Yori Dango!

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