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My D&D

MWAHAHAHA! I, Bugman V2, now run this part of the page. (I'm the closest thing we have to a DM, and I'm the one with the stats on my PC.)So almost all upadates in the future here will be done by me.

D&D is a game of wonders, magic, fun, and hurting and screaming that will last for hours!... Me and my friends have been playing for only about a few months, but we're already snagged. I highly reccomend it for anyone who doesnt have a life (or doesnt like thier present one) I play with 3 other guys (no we arent gay)and I am always da thiever! are charactors are...

Campaign 1

Al'hadrien- An evil necromancer with 2 goals in life, to take over the world and to become a botanist...

Diablos- An evil half-drow cleric who, after leading a life of mediocracy, goes forth to claim and maim the world for the death (and fire, and hurting..) god RAGNAROK!

Mephisto- An evil (feeling a slight trend?) anti-paladin who is stronger then an ogre, dumb as a box of rocks, and has an odd obsession with crucifying things...

Shadowhand- A Drow thief, and although he is somewhat lazy and doesnt like the sun, has the drow urge to KILL KILL KILL!!!!

Campaign 2

This campaign isn't very developed yet...I can't even remember my charactors name! but I DO remember that we play as a group of terrible freaks, who follow the trail of neutralia. This one is quite fun, since we are all Fighter/Psionicists... If you want a brief description of what are party is, I think Dorothy put it best...

SnakeMen, Kua-Toa, Flinds and Thri-Krean! OH MY!

or something like that...

Campaign 3

The First born, the gifted children, the ones the Gods bestowed the greatest gifts of all of the land. Thats right, Dragons.

Dragons have plagued the land for centuries, but what do we really know of Dragon Culture? Do all dragons have the same goal? Do they have any form of government?

We have decided to pry into the depths of dragon culture and society, to meet the Council of Wyrms. In this campaign (if you haven't guessed this you need to have a psychological evaluation) we play as Dragons! what else is there to say?


here they are! my stats and friends for campaign 1!





I would just like to comment that all editorials, descriptions of charactors and campaigns, and link setting up is STILL done comepletly by good ol' Shadowhand.