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Name: Culecan "Shadowhand"

Age: 121

Sex: Male

Class: Thief

Race: Drow

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Str. 13

Stamina: 13

Muscle: 13

Con. 10

Health: 11

Fitness: 9

Dex. 19

Aims: 19

Balance: 19

Int. 15

Reason: 16

Knowledge: 14

Wis. 11

Intuition: 12

Willpower: 10

Cha. 10

Leadership: 12

Appearance: 8

Abilities:Standard Drow, standard Thief- read languanges, with specialization (martial arts), instead.

Languages: Common, Undercommon, Drow. Common Elven,

Items: Hand crossbow x2, Adamantine clawed gloves (+2 to hit and damage)x2, Adamantine clawed overshoes (again, +2 to hit and damage) x2, Tunic, breeches, big,heavy cloak (gotta stay out of the sun), soft boots, belt,backpack, sashling, bolt case, exploding bolt (They have fire trap cast on the tip. OUCH)x20,normal bolt x20, thieves tools, 10 doses class B poison, large pouch x2, leather armor, razor ring, sharkskin cloak (for fighting), housebreaker harness.

Magic Items: Ring of Air Elemental Command, Ring of Telekinesis, cloak of Arachnia.

GP: 14,000

THAC0: 16

Movement: 15

AC: 2

HP: 49

Saving Throws:

Poison, Death, or Paralyzation: 11

Rod, Wand, or Staff: 10 (6, if it's dodgable)

Petrifaction or Polymorphing: 10

Breath weapon: 10

spell: 11 (7, if it's dodgable)


1. Jumping

2.Reading/ writing

3.Reading/ writing

4. Riding, steeder



Weapon proficiencies:

1.Hand Crossbow

2.Martial Arts (Type A)

3.Martial Arts (Type A)

4.Martial Arts (Type D)

Thieves Skills:

Pick Pockets: 85

Open Locks: 99

Find/remove traps: 79

Move Silently: 77

Detect Noise: 70

Climb Walls: 82 (Can you tell he's a good burglar?)

Level: 10

XP: 180,000

Followers: I'm not going to list them. Let's just say their 24 thieves, a giant spider, and something called a gnolem (first one to correctly guess what a gnolem is win's a happy smiley point!)