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Name: Mephisto

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Class: Anti-Paladin

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Str. 16

Stamina: 18/77

Muscle: 14

Dex. 8

Aim: 8

Balance: 8

Con. 17

Health: 16

Fitness: 18

Int. 9

Reason: 9

Knowledge: 9

Wis. 13

Intuition: 13

Willpower: 13

Cha. 11

Leadership: 13

Appearance: 9

Powers:Laying on hands, cause disease, specialization: bastard sword, command undead, health, saving throw bonus, attack bonus (+1) with bastard sword.

Languages: Common, Wyvern.

Items: Spiked boots, breeches, tunic, belt, scabbard, vest, large belt pouch, holy symbol, Adamantine field plate armor*, Adamantine medium shield*, Adamantine Heavy Lance* (+1 to hit and damage, 45 pounds of extra Adamantine, riding equipment, more crossbows than any man should ever possess (every kind availible), with matching ammunition.

Magic Items: Sentient Bastard Sword+2 Intelligence 14, able to find traps and detect magic, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength ( He attached the claws of a Behir to them, thus making it a cestus), Ring of Jumping (He way 260 lb in full equipment. OW)

GP: 12,000

THAC0: 13

Movement: 12 (15 with guantlets)

AC: 0 (-2 w/shield)

HP: 97

Saving Throws

Poison, paralyzation, or DEATH: 8

Rod, wand, or staff: 10

Ptrification or Polymorphinization: 9

Breath Weapon: 10

Spell: 9


1. Armorer

2. Armorer

3. Riding, Wyvern

4. Riding, Wyvern

5. Reading/ writing

Weapon proficiencies:

1.Bastard sword

2. Medium swords ( a bastard sword is a MEDIUM sword, not a large sword, DAMMIT!)

3. Medium Swords (see above statement)

4. Crossbows

5. Crossbows

6. Heavy Lance


XP: 150,000

Bonded Mount: Hellbringer the Wyvern. I like him.